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16 Model Apartment Design Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

With the end of 2021 quickly approaching, we’re reflecting on a year of incredible success providing our clients with turnkey apartment design and installation services.

Here are just a few of our notable achievements this year:


Top pieces sold:

Top Pieces Sold in 2021

We use this blog to share design advice, staging solutions, and in-house resources to help you get the most out of your model apartments. 

Hopefully, you didn’t miss out on any of that great content. But if you did, we’ve got your back. We’re signing off on 2021 with a round-up of all our best blog posts from the past year. Take a look!


Design Tips

Image of Styled Living Space

We share our top tips for creating a beautiful space that’s guaranteed to make prospective residents swoon.


5 Common Space Refreshes for Multifamily Properties

Common spaces are often the first areas prospective residents see when they tour a community, setting the tone for the duration of their visit. Take the lobby, for instance—it may be a high-traffic area, but it should make visitors feel right at home. 

We review several common space refreshes to consider for your multifamily properties.

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Creating a Color Story to Design an Apartment

Are you thinking of DIYing your apartment design? Our in-house designers provide a step-by-step guide for creating a color story to achieve cohesive and stunning design.

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High Point Market Recap: 2022 Design Trends

We attended High Point’s Fall 2021 Market and came away from it feeling incredibly inspired. This year’s TrendWatch themes—malleable, away, and verve—came to life across the showcased designs. 

A few of the trends we observed stood out among the rest, and we can’t wait to start applying them to our clients’ projects.

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The Ever-Evolving Relationship Between Fashion and Interior Design

In this blog, we explore the intersecting worlds of fashion and interior design. We predict the crossover will continue to deepen as the two become increasingly accessible to consumers.

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Designs I Love

Want to learn how to think like a designer? Our design team breaks down three living space interiors that inspired them this year. Take a look into a designer’s thought process, and discover why each space made an impact.

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Model Apartment Staging Strategy

Image of Styled Bedroom

There’s more to effective model apartment staging than selecting appealing furniture and decor. Earn the greatest return on your investment with Model55’s strategic staging solutions.


How to Design Model Apartments for Occupancy

To stage a space that sells, you need intentional design. We walk you through all the considerations for designing model apartments for occupancy, from building a resident persona to thinking through dimensions and fit.

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Staging to Sell Apartments

Once you understand how to design model apartments for occupancy, it’s time to put the plan into practice. Incorporate these strategic design elements to impress prospective residents and raise occupancy levels.

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3 Tips for Setting Your Model Apartment Budget

Investing in a well-designed model apartment will captivate prospective residents and maximize occupancy. We offer three tips for setting a model apartment budget to deliver the best return on investment.

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Staging Model Apartments for Virtual Tours

In-person showings and live walkthroughs have undeniable advantages, but virtual tours offer unique benefits of their own. Check out some of the virtual tours we created for our clients.

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Model55 Resources

Image of Styled Living Space

Looking for a solution to streamline model apartment design? Learn more about how Model55 simplifies the entire design process from conception to completion.


Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions Impacting the Interior Design Industry

Pandemic-related supply chain disruptions have impacted most industries, including interior design. Learn how we optimized internal systems to navigate these challenges and continue ensuring smooth service for our clients.

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Too Many Vendors to Count? Let Model55 Consolidate the Supply Chain for Your Model Apartment Design

More often than not, DIYing a model apartment design is a logistical nightmare in the making. We review what it takes to get the job done—and how working with Model55 streamlines vendor management and the entire design and installation process.

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Could You Benefit from a National Design Program?

Imagine if you had a pre-approved model apartment design ready to go whenever and wherever you needed a new model. Model55’s national programs cut your design time in half to get your model apartments up and running as soon as possible.

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Nationwide Model Apartment Solutions with a Personal Touch

When you need model apartments designed and installed for properties across the country, you need the kind of reach that only a national organization can provide. Learn how Model55 offers national scale without losing the human element.

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Why White Glove Delivery Is Superior to Dropshipping for Model Apartment Staging

If you choose to DIY your model apartment, you’re inadvertently signing yourself up for much more than a creative design project. The logistics of ordering, receiving, and storing hundreds of products is enough to overwhelm anyone. Discover why white glove delivery is a better option.

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Senior Living Design Solutions

Image of a styled bedroom

There are many important details to consider when designing for senior living. Make seniors feel right at home the second they step foot in your space with design that’s comfortable and inviting.


Furnish Senior Living Residences Fast with a Resident Room Collection

When senior living residences need to furnish a new unit, they have no time to waste. Resident Room Collections (RRCs) guarantee thoughtful, senior-accessible furnishings within just a few days.

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Senior Living Design for a New Generation

The new generation of seniors are moving to senior living residences sooner than ever before—and they’ll settle for nothing less than modern, sleek design and high-end amenities. Explore cutting-edge senior living furnishing solutions guaranteed to meet the growing demand for luxury.

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If there’s anything Model55 can do for you in the year ahead, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to discuss our model apartment design solutions.

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