Model55 offers interior design services specific to senior living corporations. Among our suite of comprehensive senior living services are guest suites and respite retreats. In addition to our useful Department of Health packages, these programs are designed to help your communities remain positioned for success.

Pulling from the same idea as our model apartment process, we are able to offer our senior living clients turnkey, all-in-one living packages, professionally designed by our in-house team of interior designers. In addition to the convenience of our packaged furniture programs, you can rest assured that your guest suites and respite retreats will be designed by professional interior designers who are educated in the best and most current senior living design practices.

To learn more about our turnkey guest suite and respite retreat design and furnishing packages, check out the tabs below:


Model55 will assist your team in converting a short-term guest into a long term resident and member of your community. By providing your guest with products for usability, including towels, sheets, blankets, silverware, coffee pots, clothing hangers and more, they will undoubtedly want to make your community their home.


When you provide value to residents and potential residents, you are sure to grow your bottom line. One way to stand apart from other communities in your area is to provide beautifully designed suites where your residents’ families can stay while visiting. Model55 offers design and furniture packages for senior living guest suites your residents will be excited about.

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