High Point Market Recap: 2022 Design Trends

Following a two-year pandemic hiatus, the Model55 team was thrilled to return to High Point’s Fall 2021 Market, an annual event where buyers from around the world gather to check out the latest trends in interior design.

Model55 at High Point’s Fall 2021 Market

At market we have the opportunity to source new products, build valuable industry relationships, expand our network of carefully vetted vendors, and deepen our general industry knowledge. It’s all in service of delivering our clients model apartments that are truly designed for occupancy.

We’re inspired by what we saw this season and can’t wait to apply some of these trends to your next project!

TrendWatch Themes From IMC High Point’s Fall 2021 Market

Each year, IMC High Point shares a TrendWatch booklet highlighting three themes that appear across the showcased designs at market and throughout the upcoming season. This fall’s themes were malleable, away, and verve:


This season, expect to see warm red metals—copper, brass, and bronze—shaped in contemporary forms with nods to traditional craftsmanship.


Dreaming of a tropical vacation but can’t leave the house? Let your home furnishings and decor take you on holiday instead. This design trend features exotic patterns and beachy elements that make ordinary living spaces feel like resorts.


Neutrals are as popular as ever, but color is making a comeback. Vibrant pastels and glowing hues are just what it takes to wake up quiet spaces.

The Latest Trends from High Point Market

As TrendWatch predicted, we saw elements of the malleable, away, and verve themes present in the showcased designs. Our buying team also observed these trends throughout the market:

Design Trend: Comfort

Emphasis on comfort

At High Point Market, we saw firsthand how much the pandemic has influenced interior design—and (for once!) we’re not talking about supply chain disruptions.

With people spending more time at home, design trends have shifted from prioritizing aesthetics to putting comfort and convenience first.

We saw soft, fleecy textures, cozy daybeds covered in pillows, and boucle fabrics that were built for snuggling.

Many vendors acknowledged the need for functional, accessible office design to accommodate people working from home. We loved seeing innovative at-home work solutions like Murphy desks and adjustable office chairs.

1970s influenceDesign trend: 1970s influence furniture

If you wait long enough, everything old is new again. Trends always come back, and right now the 70s are having a moment.

High Point Market was a sea of mauve, sage green, and other mid-century colors representing a palette of yesteryear. Groovy, rounded forms—like sofas with curved backs—stood in for the clean, straight lines that have become so popular in contemporary design.

Biophilic design

After spending so much time indoors, people are yearning for nature. Interior design offers the perfect opportunity to bring the peace and tranquility of the outdoors inside. We saw an abundance of organic textures, florals, rattan, and blonde wood at market this season. Popular brand Serena & Lily has heavily influenced the vibe with its casual, coastal feel.

We were also excited to see so much high-quality outdoor furniture. A decade ago, appealing outdoor furniture was difficult to find. But this year, the outdoor furniture was so high-quality that it was sometimes difficult to tell indoor and outdoor pieces apart!

Neutrals with bright accents

TrendWatch’s forecasted theme of verve was right on target. We saw evidence of this theme throughout many of the showcased designs.

Furniture color generally still leans neutral, but bright pillows, vivid artwork, and accent colors bring a pop of vibrancy to the ordinary and familiar.

How Model55 Incorporates New Trends Into Model Apartment Design

Each time we return from High Point Market, we’re buzzing with ideas about how to incorporate our findings into model apartment designs.

How Model55 Incorporates New Trends Into Model Apartment Design

We review our insights and break down the trends as a team. Our favorite products make it into our annual catalog, which heavily influences our designers’ furniture and decor selections, like stock artwork, accessories, throws, and pillows.

It’s important that any design trends we incorporate into our models align with prospective residents’ tastes and lifestyles. Would a multifamily 2-bedroom unit benefit from a creative work-from-home space? Possibly! But a low-profile, rounded sofa probably wouldn’t be suitable for senior living design. Trends must always be tempered with design best practices.

With each High Point Market we attend, we learn something new that helps us better serve our clients. This season, we’ll be focusing on warm, comfortable furniture and decor to suffuse our models with tranquility and nostalgia.

If you need staging and furnishing solutions for your community, Model55 is here to help. Contact us for model apartment designs that strike the right balance between trendy and practical.

Sharon MacDonald
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