Furnish Senior Living Residences Fast With a Resident Room Collection

When senior living residences need to furnish a new unit, they’re typically up against the clock to make it happen. New residents often transition into these units suddenly, leaving limited time to prepare for their arrival.

Often in these situations, property managers are stuck hunting down items at their local furniture store, trying to furnish a unit from whatever limited inventory is in stock. Vendors don’t seem to understand the short timeframe, and they don’t know which furniture is most appropriate for senior living. The whole process is stressful, grueling, and impersonal.

It’s time to take a deep breath and release all that frustration—because there’s a much easier way to furnish senior living residences on demand.

Model55 will partner with you to provide a quick-ship senior living collection that’s stocked and ready to go whenever you need it. Our Resident Room Collection (RRC) is a fast and simple solution that guarantees thoughtful, senior-focused furnishing solutions for your units within a matter of days.

What Do Model55’s Resident Room Collections Include?

Our Resident Room Collections (RRCs) offer all the necessities needed to furnish a senior living residence, including a mattress, box spring, frame, headboard, dresser, nightstand, lamps, and an accent chair.

Unlike model apartment staging, which showcases a unit complete with artwork and accessories, RRCs are limited to the essentials, so residents can use their own cherished belongings to decorate however they like. It’s also possible to customize a basic kit with add-ons like a dining table, small living room set, bathroom collection, and bedding collection.

In less than a week from the time of a purchase order, the complete RRC will arrive at the desired location. Our top-notch delivery team will assemble your collection, remove all trash, and nd stage the space to leave your unit ready for move-in!

Why Use Model55’s Resident Room Collection Service?

We initially implemented our RRC service to help clients in certain parts of the country maintain compliance with health regulations.

In states like New York, the Department of Health requires senior living communities to offer fully furnished units at the facility’s expense. When you choose one of our RRCs, you can be certain that you’re following all regulatory requirements.

Even if your state doesn’t enforce these regulations, having a quick-turn solution to fully furnish a senior living residence is a best business practice, as it helps fill units faster.

If you’re having a hard time keeping track of missing furniture or find yourself constantly replacing damaged items from one resident to the next, we can help. With our RCCs, you no longer have to worry about delaying a resident’s move-in date while you wait for their unit to be furnished.

Unparalleled Service for Senior Living Furnishings

Our RRC service takes your resident’s needs into account every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us for senior living furnishings:

Proactive planning.

Our comprehensive inventory tracking system allows us to anticipate problems and prevent setbacks. If we notice inventory running low or a piece being discontinued, we proactively reach out to present a solution.

Design expertise.

The furniture Model55 selects is carefully curated for mature clientele. Most furniture stores will only offer twin-size beds in the children’s section. Our pieces are selected to be aesthetically appropriate for senior living.

Functional considerations.

Senior furniture must be accessible. Drawer handles should be easy to pull, knobs should be wide, and seat depth on chairs should be shorter than normal to accommodate senior needs. In many cases, collections also need to be selected to fit into a studio-sized space.

Simple process.

If you attempt to source furniture on your own, you may find individual pieces that work—but locating an entire collection is much more difficult. We simplify the process by curating complete collections and stocking them in our own warehouses.

Ready to let Model55 make your life easier with a Resident Room Collection? Contact us today!

Sharon MacDonald
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