Staging to Sell Apartments

The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to a 2019 survey done by the National Association of Realtors, staging has an impact on at least 40% of buyers. What’s more is that only 6% of those surveyed say that staging has no impact on them at all. With statistics like these, it’s hard to imagine why apartment owners, operators, and asset managers would not invest in professional model staging services to sell their apartments.

Our Top 5 Favorite Ideas for Staging to Sell Apartments

Whether your community is the new kid on the block, or you’re looking to keep up with new-build competition, staging your model is important to raise occupancy levels. So, I thought it would be fun to look at a few of Model55’s favorite ways to stage apartments for our clients. If you like our ideas, feel free to use them in your own models, or ask us about pricing for your next model apartment staging project.

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Idea #1

Using Mirrors to Make the Space Bigger

A well-placed floor mirror can completely open up any small apartment space. By including a floor mirror, you can easily add layer and dimension to any design. Our favorite place to use this space maximizing design principal is in the bedroom.

In addition to floor mirrors, hanging mirrors on walls, and propping on dressers, consoles, etc., are all effective ways to add space and even more lighting to any apartment. When placed across from a window or light source, mirrors reflect more light into an area.

Idea #2

Layer Rugs on Rugs

Often times (especially in mode apartment refreshes) we work with wall-to-wall carpeting. And while we agree that such flooring has its benefits (like sprawling out on the floor for movie time), unfortunately, this design finish can make an apartment feel small and outdated. A great way to overcome this is to add an area rug despite the wall to wall carpeting in your model. After all, who said you can’t layer rugs?

Example of a rug layered on top of wall to wall carpeting from a Model55 design and installation.

Idea #3

Clear Furniture Adds the Illusion of More Space

Using clear furniture is a great idea for staging apartments that sell! Not only does clear furniture create the illusions of more space, but it can also add a clean, modern, or expensive. luxe vibe to any design. Not sure what type of clear furniture to use? Our designers love the use of ghost chairs in the dining room, and clear coffee tables in the living room.

Idea #4

Include Drapery in Bed and Living Rooms

Drapery is a topic that comes up frequently here at Model55. Trust me when I say that we understand how difficult finding and hanging the right drapery can be in a model apartment. In addition to windows that have different lengths and finishes, many apartments have cement walls, which makes hanging the drapery the hardest challenge. However, if you can hire a handyman or local designer to properly hang drapery, we assure you it’s well worth it, (shameless plug: Model55 includes custom drapery selection, hemming, and installation in our design services).

Example of custom drapery from a Model55 design and Installation.

Drapery is the finishing touch on any apartment design. When you’re staging to sell apartments, you want to show potential residents what it’s like to live in your community.  Including drapery displays privacy and adds a touch of home that makes a huge difference. If you have any questions about drapery, be sure to reach out to us at

Additional Model55 example.

Idea #5

Stage the Apartment with Your Ideal Resident in Mind

If you’ve ever worked with Model55 before you know that we will do anything to get the job done right. Even if it means flying our CEO across the country to oversee an installation! I personally love the story she (our fearless leader, Sharon MacDonald) told about this particular model apartment project she became involved with during the final installation at a community in Washington state. She recalled how once the apartments were complete, a resident of the community walked in to one apartment and asked to see the other. Apparently, the resident was so delighted to see the two models we had designed that she exclaimed, “this is exactly my style!”

The reason why I am retelling Sharon’s story in this post is because in my opinion, that is the greatest measurement of a successfully staged model apartment. When you are creating a design for your model, use your ideal resident or existing residents as the number one source of inspiration. Our designers create resident personas to do this, which you can read more about in a post we shared a few months ago, Designing for Your Ideal Resident Persona

Some ways our designers like to design for target residents in through location inspiration in the art or coffee table books. Additionally, we like to include framed photographs of friends, activities, and pets around the apartment. By incorporating stories through art and photography, you give your staged apartment another layer of home – and that is something that can really impact a decision for your tour takers.

We Have More Ideas!!!

So, there you have it – 5 ideas for staging to sell apartments. Of course, as turn-key model apartment design is at the heart of our services and solutions, we have so many more ideas to share with you! For additional apartment staging and design advice, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Thanks for reading!

Amanda Beausoleil

Model55 purchases, designs and installs model apartments quickly and efficiently, reducing the cost and time of setting up your own model apartment.

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