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Nationwide Model Apartment Solutions with a Personal Touch

When you need expertly designed model apartments to increase occupancy at your senior living or multifamily properties, it may seem like you have two options…

Option 1:  Work with a small, local company that provides custom interior design services and prioritizes client relationships. 

Option 2: Hire a large, national commercial interior design firm with the capabilities to execute streamlined design and installation projects at scale.

But what if you could have the benefits of both solutions?

If you have properties across the United States, you need the kind of reach that only a national organization can provide. And when you work with Model55, you don’t have to sacrifice the personal touch to get it.

That’s because Model55 combines design, retail, logistics, installation, and more to offer turnkey model apartment services nationwide—all while providing the human element that large-scale companies frequently lack.

Each year, Model55 designs and installs over 500 projects for clients across the US.

How do we offer a fully customized approach while maintaining such a high volume of work? The secret is in our strategy, which we’ve been optimizing and scaling for more than a decade.

How Model55’s Nationwide Reach Benefits Clients

When you work with Model55, you’re partnering with a national company that has logistical teams working behind the scenes to accomplish your project—no matter where you’re located.

Benefits of our nationwide reach include:

Consolidating partners. If you have a wide network of communities on the East and West coast, you’re probably accustomed to corralling disparate interior design teams across the nation. But with Model55, you get the advantage of having just one reliable point of contact.

Unbeatable pricing. Local interior design firms often purchase products at retail stores and mark the prices up by 10-20% for clients. As a larger wholesale buyer, we can purchase items directly from the manufacturers and store them in our own warehouse.

But our pricing isn’t just lower than the competition, it’s also more consistent. We charge the same fees across the country, whether your model apartment is in Boston or Los Angeles. That way, you know exactly what price to expect from one project to the next.

Fast turnaround. We leverage proven, well-developed systems to help meet our clients’ tight timelines. Having our own warehouses allows us to hold inventory and ship clients their model apartment furniture immediately after a design is approved and an order is placed.

Design expertise. Working on nationwide projects means we’ve acquired nationwide knowledge. We’ve mastered trends from desert-modern in the West to coastal chic in the East. We can customize interior spaces to appeal to demographics everywhere. So if you have communities across the country, we can tailor our interior design services to suit the tastes of the area.

A Close-Knit Team Dedicated to Building Lasting Partnerships

Although we offer all the benefits of a national company, the heart of our organization is a hands-on team who fully integrates with our clients as a partner. Here’s how we maintain that small business feel while working on such a large scale.

We build relationships. When you call Model55, you know who’s answering the phone—no outsourced support team here! We take the time to get to know all of our clients. We learn your frustrations, preferences, goals, and processes so we can advocate for your needs throughout the entirety of a project.

We install locally, no matter where you are. You never have to worry about handling another model apartment installation yourself. We have a design team solely dedicated to crafting your space and separate extensions of that team to perform each local installation.

It’s not easy to bridge the gap between the personal touch of a local design firm and the broad reach of a national company. But we believe our clients shouldn’t have to choose between those two options. We work hard every single day to bring you the best of both worlds.

If you need turnkey model apartment design services, let’s discuss your next project!

Sharon MacDonald
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