The Ever-Evolving Relationship Between Fashion and Interior Design

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Most people wouldn’t find it hard to believe that there’s only a small leap from fashion trends to interior trends. The wide availability of digital media has further increased the crossover between the two artforms. As interior designers, staying ahead of current trends now means staying current with the world of fashion.

The increased accessibility of fashion has made this easier. Before the digital age, the average interior designer had to wait for the trickle-down of high fashion to magazines and TV. Now, Googling a designer’s name will let you see his or her latest and greatest trend-setting runway collection – as well as any past collection you might want to revisit.

The relationship between the two industries has never been more intertwined than it is today. Ready access to stylish trends has given consumers the means to quickly correlate their sartorial choices with the way they decorate their homes.

Join us as we take a closer look at the relationship between fashion and interior design.

Interior Design v. Fashion: Differences

Despite the clear stylistic overlap, interior design and fashion are quite distinct. Perhaps the most obvious difference is the ephemeral nature of fashion trends – it’s much easier and less expensive (in most cases) to change an outfit than it is to change a kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Another important difference between fashion and interior design is the source of their respective influences. Fashion is driven largely by social and economic lifestyle patterns, while interior design seems to be driven by the world of fashion.

Fashion designers that use cultural themes and events as their inspiration find success when creating new lines. Green living is a good example of this. Savvy designers used green living as a springboard to create inspired details – organically sourced fabrics, light and clean designs, sustainable production. Elements of the trend find their way into every stitch.

As the fashion movement begins to take hold of mass consumers, it finds its way into interior décor and styles. In many applications, what influences fashion design is only what influences interior design if the trend takes off and becomes widely popular.

Interior Design v. Fashion: Similarities

The internet has leveled the playing field. Clothing designers and furniture designers and consumers all have the same universal access to new and emerging trends. Everyone is seeing the same thing at the same time and capitalizing on it – so someone interested in a new floral collection for their favorite designer has a good chance of finding a furniture manufacturer that has already produced collections with similar patterns.

The most notable similarity between interior and fashion design is that they both provide the means by which an individual can express themselves freely. Both are a medium for consumers to distinguish their personal style and portray how they feel about themselves. Whether it’s through the perfect dress, sofa, necklace, or nightstand, expressing an individual style is a significant aspect of existing in today’s society.

Designers Are Becoming Designers

With the increasing impact of fashion on interior design, more and more famous fashion designers are adding interior collections to their arsenals – or at least partnering with architects and designers to create interior lines that suit their aesthetics.

This synthesis of fashion and interior design gives consumers greater access to iconic couture, including furniture lines that speak to specific fashion tastes.

The Future of Fashion and Furniture

Today’s consumer has an excellent chance of finding a home décor that expresses their taste perfectly. As the world of fashion continues to evolve, interior designers are becoming acclimated to the notion that they now share their space with the fashion gurus who were once only a source of inspiration.

If you want to know where to find the next big interior design trend, we recommend a visit to the runway of your favorite fashion designer.

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