The Ever-Evolving Relationship Between Fashion and Interior Design

The Ever-Evolving Relationship Between Fashion and Interior Design

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As interior designers, one of the most important aspects of staying ahead of developing trends is to stay current with what’s going on in the world of fashion. Most people know, or at least won’t find it hard to believe, that the leap from fashion trends to interior trends isn’t very far. Perhaps before the good old days of digital media, the leap was a bit further from what we can fathom today; but with the inside scoop so readily available, it’s no wonder why fashionable forms of expression are seeping into the world of interior design.

Back before haute couture was only revealed to the rich and famous at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, “regular” people had to wait for the trickle down of high fashion to easily accessible mediums like magazines and TV. Now, however, we only have to Google a designer’s name to see his or her latest and greatest trend-setting runway collection.

So what does this have to do with interior design? The answer is that the relationship between the two industries has never been more intertwined than it is today. With access to style trends so readily available, it is not taking years for consumers to correlate how they express themselves through their dress to how they express themselves through home decorating.

Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between fashion and interior design…

The Differences Between Interior Design and Fashion

While the subjects of interior and fashion design are similar, it’s important to understand that they are not one and the same. Perhaps the most prevalent and obvious difference between interior design and fashion design is that fashion trends are usually more fleeting than the trends of interiors. Although there are several reasons why this may be the case, the obvious one remains that changing an outfit is much easier and less expensive than a kitchen, living room, bedroom… and so on.

Another difference between fashion and interior design is what influences each. Whereas social and economic lifestyle patterns can be credited to a lot of what drives the world of fashion design, it is arguably the world of fashion design itself, which drives the world of interior design and décor. So what does that mean exactly? Simply put, fashion designers are wise to take into account cultural themes and events while creating new lines. For example, when there are social movements, such as green living, savvy fashion designers incorporate them into every detail of their creations. From organically sourced fabrics, to light and clean looking designs, a designer who is targeting this movement would be sure to include elements of the lasting trend in every stitch. Traditionally, as the movement begins to take hold of mass consumers, it then transfers to interior décor and styles. Therefor, one could argue that in many applications, what influences fashion design is only what influences interior design if the trend takes off and becomes widely popular.

The Similarities Between Interior Design and Fashion

Because there are so many different mediums, which enables the masses to access new and emerging fashion trends instantaneously, the difference of what influences what has begun to diminish amongst consumers – basically clothing designers and furniture designers are seeing the same thing at the same time and capitalizing on it. Meaning that if you are interested in the floral collection of clothing your favorite designer just released, chances are a furniture manufacturer has already produced collections with similar patterns.

Perhaps the greatest and most notable similarity between interior and fashion design is that they are both the means by which an individual can express him or herself freely. Both allow for the consumer to stand apart from others and portray how he or she feels about whom he or she is. Whether it is the perfect dress or sofa, the right necklace or end table, finding a style and trend that speaks to an individual is a significant aspect of existing in today’s society.

Designers Are Becoming Designers

Due to the inevitable shift in how fashion impacts interior design, more and more famous fashion designers are adding interior collections to their arsenals – or at least partnering with architects and designers to create interior lines that speak to their aesthetics. What this means for consumers is that iconic couture that influences style choices are now more readily available than ever before. Basically, if you have a preference for style, the chances that you can find furniture lines that speaks to your tastes are very high.

Looking To The Future

In today’s day and age, the chance of you not being able to find home décor that expresses who you are is unlikely. As the world of fashion continues to evolve, interior designers are becoming more and more acclimated to the notion that they must share their space with the fashion gurus who were once only a source of inspiration. In conclusion, if you’re looking to understand where interior design trends come from, we recommend looking to the runways of your favorite fashion designers.

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