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Model Apartment Design Feature: Sophisticated Senior Living in the Bay Area

Join us for the latest model apartment design feature!

Today’s client is an independent and assisted senior living facility in Foster City, California. Residents have access to elevated and luxurious amenities, from custom menus to movie theaters and more, all in a gorgeous Bay Area location. 

During our vision session, the client told us that while they offer assisted living and memory care services, they hope to attract younger seniors who feel drawn to the excitement and energy of the San Francisco Bay Area. The residents are diverse and well-cultured, so the model apartment had to appeal to their sophisticated sensibilities.


Phase 1: Model Apartment Design


Living space staging design at model apartment assembly

Our client wanted the 900-square-foot, 2-bedroom model to capture the essence of San Francisco, so they requested accessories from the local area. They also asked that we convert the second bedroom into a home office space instead of treating it as a guest room. 

To appeal to their ideal resident, the model apartment design aesthetic would need to come across as elevated and aspirational. Although the overall style is refined and elegant, we still wanted the apartment to feel lived-in and welcoming for prospects.

Floor plan for Model55 Assembly Design Feature

We chose a gray, neutral palette for the living area that allowed us to have some fun with the accents and accessories. The neutral colors help keep the model apartment bright, an effort that’s amplified by the sheer curtains, which allow light to filter in but still offer privacy. We selected geometric, textured accents for the side table, coffee table, and television stand to add excitement and flair to the space.

The client specified that the second bedroom should be a functional office space. We took this opportunity to continue the neutral, cool color story into this room to inspire a sense of calm and focus. The light wood and cool blues create a lovely environment for reading a book or getting some work done.


Phase 2: Fulfillment and Installation

Pre assembly at model55 design feature

Once the client approved the design, our logistics team took over for delivery and installation. When you work with Model55, our team handles furniture assembly and placement for you and clears the premises before adding the finishing touches. 

We’re thrilled with how this space turned out! 

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Sharon MacDonald
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