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Our Story: How Model55 Became a Leader in Model Apartment Design

At Model55, our top priority is you. Our clients’ needs have been our north star ever since we launched our company 15 years ago. In that time, we’ve consistently grown and evolved to offer world-class services to everyone we do business with across the United States.
You know Model55 as a turnkey interior design service for model apartments, but we didn’t always offer all of the services we do now. We started small before becoming the nationally recognized company we are today.

Learn more about Model55 and our simple design process:

The Early Days of Model55


When we opened our doors in 2007, we were a company called Interim Furnishings that offered temporary model apartment staging solutions for senior living properties.

While there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with our business model, we soon realized it didn’t fully address our clients’ needs. What they really needed was a more intentional approach to model apartment design.

We wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of their prospective residents’ personas to design model apartments that didn’t just look nice but could serve as strategic sales tools. Our clients also needed a more permanent solution that would allow them to purchase the furniture or sell fully furnished apartments to prospects. So, in 2009, we expanded our services.

We changed our name to Model55 and began offering Resident Room Collections (RRCs), quick-ship furnishing kits that meet Department of Health regulations for senior living communities. These kits became one of our essential service offerings, but we weren’t going to stop there. Our clients still had unmet needs, and it was our job to fulfill them.


Becoming a Nationwide Turnkey Service Provider


Image of Model55 team outing

As we continued to deepen our relationships with clients, we began to get requests for models outside of the Northeast. Determined to meet our clients’ needs, we expanded our team and geographic reach to provide end-to-end solutions for model apartments across the United States. We now have in every state who help us provide a seamless experience for clients—from design to installation—with a single point of contact.

With the addition of our National Design Programs—pre-approved designs ready to be shipped, delivered, and installed nationwide—we’ve streamlined the model apartment design process for clients with properties across the country.

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Another big milestone happened in 2018, when we started looking beyond the senior living space. Although we maintain our expertise in design for senior living, we also serve multifamily communities and have expanded into common space design as well.  Shifting into these markets has allowed us to bring our signature resident-focused process to a broader range of companies, and it’s pushed us to stay at the forefront of modern design trends.


Our mission is to do whatever it takes to help our clients meet their goals. No matter where in the country you’re located, we’re happy to help you design a model apartment that prospects can’t wait to move into. Contact us today to get started

Sharon MacDonald
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