Do you have questions about our turnkey model apartments? We’ve got answers!

  1. What is a typical project timeline? 

A turnkey model apartment is ready for showing approximately 10 weeks after your project kickoff. A typical project timeline looks something like this: 

Design (2 weeks): First up is the design phase. We’ll take field measurements of your model, and spend the rest of this time creating and revising your design. 

Receiving (4-6 weeks). Once you approve your design, we’ll place orders for furniture and accessories. After all orders have been submitted, it takes about 4-6 weeks for us to receive the items and consolidate them in our warehouse. 

Fulfillment (2 weeks). During fulfillment, our team pulls and packs all items and creates a detailed installation plan. This plan includes photographed vignettes depicting every last detail of your model, down to minor accessory placements. The designer then transfers a comprehensive design package to the assigned logistics and local staging partners.

Delivery and installation (2 days). The logistics and local staging partners bring your model to life, overseeing final delivery, installation, and clean up. The result is a beautifully designed model apartment, ready for immediate showing to prospects! 

Please note that adhering to these timelines depends on us receiving the necessary feedback and approvals, particularly during the design phase. We like to say that timing is a shared accountability. We’ll do everything in our power to keep your timeline on track and make sure your design and installation runs smoothly.

  1. Where is your team located? 

Model55 is headquartered in Hudson, MA. 

Both our corporate office and our warehouse are in this location. Our design and logistics teams are on site to pull product, examine materials, and ensure all items are intact before shipping.

However, our reach extends far beyond Massachusetts. We work with clients to fulfill orders nationwide via our exclusive partner network.

  1. Our company has a national footprint. Can you deliver to all of our properties across the United States? 

We sure can. Model55 is a national company with logistical teams working behind the scenes to accomplish each project—no matter where you’re located. We currently provide shipping to the entire continental United States. 

  1. Does our team have a say in the design and selections? 

Absolutely! You’ll work closely with our team of designers to customize the unit according to your preferences and requirements

We kick off the design phase by hosting a vision call with clients to establish a resident persona so we can design a model that accurately reflects a prospective resident’s lifestyle. We welcome any and all insight from clients during this call. You’re the experts on your residents, after all! 

You’ll also have the opportunity to provide feedback on our initial design concepts. You can choose to approve key furnishings and leave the details to us, or you can have full review and approval over every single accessory that goes into your model. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the right amount of oversight during the design phase.

  1. Is our community responsible for receiving packages and furniture onsite? 

No. We receive all orders at our warehouse, where we consolidate them for our white-glove delivery and installation of your model apartment.

  1. What is your delivery and installation process like? 

We aim to create as little disruption as possible while we install your model apartment. Our white glove delivery team carefully unpacks and assembles all items and places them according to the design plan. When it’s time to leave the property, they remove all boxes, bags, packaging, and debris from your site.

Our local staging partner arrives to manage all the finishing touches, such as artwork and accessories placements. Learn more about our white glove delivery and installation here.

  1. What’s required from our team during the design and install process? 

We require very little aid from your team throughout the design and installation process. 

In preparation for designing your model, our experts will request floor plans and schedule an initial call to discuss your vision. From that point forward, we ask that you plan to be available via email for feedback and revisions. 

There are only two required in-person visits throughout the entire process: one for field measurements and one for installation. We’ll need an onsite contact to let us into the unit each time, but we’ll take care of everything else!

  1. Are all costs due up front? 

No, we take an upfront deposit that’s dependent on the scale of your project. We’ll bill you for the rest of the project once your model apartment design has been approved.

  1. Does Model55 design spaces outside of models? 

Yes! We design other spaces for multi-family and senior living communities, including common spaces, leasing centers, sales trailers, hospitality suites, and short-term rentals.

  1. We’re in a state that requires Department of Health furniture. Do you offer quick-ship options? 

Yes, we do. When you choose one of our Senior Living Resident Room Collections, the furniture is guaranteed to satisfy all regulatory requirements.

Our Resident Room Collections (RRCs) include all the necessary items for a senior living residence. When you submit a purchase order, the complete RRC will arrive at the desired location within a week. We’ll take care of installation and cleanup. Learn more about our Resident Room Collections.

  1. Do you offer non-custom collection designs that we can choose from? 

Yes, we can work with you to develop design concepts that simplify the design process on all projects moving forward.

  1. If I like a piece of furniture, can I order it? 

We do not currently ship individual items to consumers. If residents see items from the model that they like, we’re happy to start a conversation about selling fully furnished units.

  1. Do you offer temporary rental furniture solutions?

All products from Model55 are strictly available for purchase only. We’ve learned from experience that it’s more cost-effective for clients to buy products outright rather than rent them.

  1. Where do you purchase your product? 

We source products from over 200 vendor partners in the United States and around the world. We’re always looking for fantastic new partners to work with. Our buying team travels to industry markets twice a year to build new relationships and vet potential vendors to add to our partner list.

  1. What if something breaks or a product shows up damaged?

Our team inspects every single item for damage at multiple points during receiving, delivery, and installation. We deal with vendors directly and assume the responsibility of obtaining refunds or replacements for any damaged items on behalf of our clients.

  1. Can you do a model for $8,000?

It’s important to set an appropriate budget for a quality model—and in today’s market, you can expect to spend at least $15,000 for a one-bedroom unit. If you set the budget for your model too low, you risk spending time on a model that either can’t be completed for budget or fails to deliver a return on your investment.
At Model55, we offer realistic price points and a flat-rate fee structure, with most of your investment going toward product cost. Contact us to discuss the right budget for your model. 

  1. Why would I work with Model55 instead of a local designer? 

Model55 has the resources to support national owners and operators with their model apartments. Here are a few advantages of choosing Model55 over a local design firm: 

Consistency. With Model55’s flat rate design fee, you receive the same high quality outcome for your investment no matter where your model is located. That means no hourly billing model and no regional price variations.

Delivery and installation. Local design firms may offer certain additional services, but it’s unlikely that they’ll have a warehouse to hold inventory, consolidate products, and deliver those products in one shipment. At Model55, our white glove delivery service handles all receiving, delivery, and installation so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Nationwide reach. Local design firms have limited reach. While they may be able to design and install nearby units, they don’t have structures in place to adequately support communities across the country. Model55 offers nationwide services so that you only have to rely on one design partner instead of many. 

  1. Why would I work with Model55 instead of online shopping myself?

Designing a model apartment may seem like a fun, creative project, but the reality is that model design and installation requires significantly more project management and logistical coordination than most people anticipate.
From receiving, tracking, and storing dozens of shipments to unpacking, assembling, installing, and cleaning up, many communities simply don’t have the resources or the bandwidth to tackle a model apartment on their own. 

When you work with Model55, your model apartment transforms from a complex project into a simple, streamlined process that delivers a turnkey model every time.

If you don’t see the answer to your question, please reach out to our team directly. We’ll be sure to respond with an answer ASAP.