About Us

We value your time! That being said, we hope you are able to learn more about our turnkey model apartment design and furnishing program from our site. However, if you have additional questions that we do not answer here, send us an email at hello@model55.com.

We Provide Turnkey Model Apartment Design and Furnishings

Model55 provides nationwide turnkey model apartment design and furnishings. Our services help senior living and multifamily owners and operators create worthwhile model apartments. In fact, designing show-ready models has never been easier. Create the ultimate first impression in all of your communities with the help of our turnkey model designs!

We design show-ready turnkey model apartments. Our designs are created for your residents. Our designers remain up-to-date with best practices for the clients we serve. Also, we fit our Model55 process to best help the needs and goals of your organization.

How You Can Start The Process of Requesting a Model55 Model

You can begin by phoning, emailing, or submitting an online form. From there, we will be in touch within one business day. Our goal is to understand the general needs of your project. Next, we will send a budget estimate to you and your team for review/ approval. We ask for a 50% deposit when you are ready to return the signed approval. Once we receive your deposit, our designers can get to work on your project(s)!

How Our Nationwide Turnkey Model Apartment Design Program Works

Next, we will send a local Interior Design Consultant (IDC) out for an in-person community field measure consultation. From there, we work so that your model apartment is designed for your ideal resident. Also, Model55 facilitates communication with everyone involved in the project. This eliminates the time and money your organization spends to complete your models.

Your local Model55 IDC is visiting your community and gathering information while we are working with you to whiteboard the overall concept of your model apartment. Then the local IDC delivers all of the information gathered to our corporate designers. Next, we design your model apartment!

Here Is What Comes Next

Once you approve your design, our designer sends your model project to our in-house design assistants. Our design assistants pull from our beautiful accessories and art collections to complete your model. From there, we carefully pack and pallet everything for a one-time delivery.

Finally, our local IDC will return to your community to provide a complete designer installation. In addition to providing the highest level of customer care, your IDC also covers every necessary detail. From hanging draperies and art, to fluffing pillows and making beds, you can be sure that your model will look professional and welcoming.

We Fit Our Turnkey Model Apartment Design Process to Your Organization

So, if you’re interested in a new model program, you’ve come to the right place! We offer custom, turnkey model apartment design solutions that will get rid of poor design and difficult time issues. In addition, our model apartment service makes sure that your model does its job! We use professional designs in model apartment spaces to to help you rent more apartments!

We’re excited to share our work with you! We ask our website visitors to check out our portfolio! However, due to the volume of projects we complete each year, we don’t always have a chance to take professional photographs. Because of this, we are happy to provide project details from installations in your area at any time. As we continue to grow our portfolio of professional photographs, we encourage viewers to reach out with questions regarding models that aren’t showcased on our website. We are always happy to offer more photographs in addition to project descriptions and client testimonials.