3 Design Styles I love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share three design trends that I am loving right now! 

Design Style #1

Everything about this design speaks to me – this is my personal living style.  The color palette is calming and neural with a pop of color infused throughout the space. If you break the image up into quadrants, in the lower right corner the chair and ottoman is the statement piece that introduces the accent color.  The chair itself it upholstered in a rich velvet and the color is a nice saturated shade – perfect for curling up in and reading a book!  In the lower left corner, the decorative pillows on the sectional bring a nice mixture of tones and textures – which is visually pleasing.  While the top left corner focuses mostly on the kitchen which is neutral, the upholstered seats of the counter stools bring that pop of color into the space.  And finally, in the top right, the accessories on the bookshelves carry through the color story. 


What I find additionally pleasing about this space is the mixing of metals and finishes.  Over the kitchen island the pendants are lantern-style with a wrought iron finish, the mounted lamps above the bookshelf are a burnished gold and the chandelier above is real statement piece that is nickel and glass!  For me, this space is a place where the whole family can be together!  There is plenty of seating, whomever is in the kitchen is part of the conversation and the wall of sliding glass doors brings a lot of natural light into the space and allows for continuous indoor/outdoor living when opened – which is the perfect segue into my next design trend I’m loving. 

Design Style #2

As a New Englander the amount of time we can throw open the windows and doors is very limited.  However, that doesn’t prevent me from loving this design inspiration.  I am partial to the “slide and pivot” doors that when opened all the way they are stored flush and it is a wideopen expanse which allows for easy movement between inside and outside.  In addition to creating additional living space it also allows for a ton of natural light to brighten the interior.  Maybe someday I will have the ability to incorporate this feature into my beach house. 

Design Style #3

There is so much I adore about this design style.  Since most of my time is spent at work why not have a beautiful space that inspires me?  Again, as a nod to my New England roots, I appreciate the repurposing of an old factory building and creating cooloft spaces.  The exposed brick, the raw ceilings and the large, oversized windows are all amazing elements that make this an inviting workspace.  As many employers are moving to open and flexible works stations and with the rise of collaborative workspaces, I really like the simplicity of the work furniture and having the tables on casters so they can be moved around to create different set-ups is a great feature. 

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you enjoyed what I am loving in design trends – what are you loving? 


Susan Durfee
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