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As a designer, I constantly look at living spaces to get inspiration for my next project. Whether it’s my own living space or a space for a client, I love looking at beautiful and modern spaces. The aesthetic in each of these three spaces resonate with me, which is why I love them so much!

Accents Incorporated Into Multi-Family Spaces

Everything about this design resonates with me because I see it reflected in my personal living space. The color palette is calming and neutral with accent pieces that tie every little detail of the design together. The chair in the bottom right corner brings attention to the other blue design components, like the pillows and items on the shelf. The mixing of metals and finishes in the space creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages the whole family to spend time together! The stools sitting along the island invite the kids to hang out while the parents are cooking dinner or entertaining guests. The lantern-style pendants with a wrought iron finish hang over the kitchen island. Above the bookshelf, there are two burnished gold lamps with a chandelier directly above. All of the lamps are statement pieces made up of nickel and glass.

An Abundance of Natural Light

Everyone loves natural light. It can make the room feel brighter and add a ton of additional space to the design. I’m not able to use this design much in my personal designs, since New England weather doesn’t particularly favor open windows. I would love to use this design one day in the future somewhere because of the use of the “slide and pivot” doors. When the doors are open all the way, there is the ability for easy movement inside and out of the space. I recommend everyone utilize natural light in their own designs.

The Refurbished Factory Turned Workspace

This space is very special to me because of its ability to get in touch with my home side while still being a design for an office space. The space is a refurbished factory building and converted into multiple loft spaces. The space in this photo is a collaborative workspace, a design that was primarily on the rise pre-COVID. The space utilizes natural light, exposed brick, and raw ceilings that all contribute to the intricate design.

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Susan Durfee
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