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Comparing Apartment Staging and Model Apartment Design

You may have heard the terms model apartment staging and model apartment design used interchangeably in the past. While these services are similar, there are significant differences that property managers should understand. 

Model55 began as a staging company before eventually turning our focus to model apartment design, so we know firsthand how unique one service is from the other. 

When it comes time to furnish your model apartment, having a firm understanding of both options will help you make the best decision to ensure a good return on your investment.

What Is Model Apartment Staging? 

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Most property managers want to fill their model apartments with something for prospects to see. Staged homes spend 90% less time on the market than unstaged homes, and proper staging can increase the value of a property by anywhere between 1 and 10%. 

Model apartment staging is a reasonable interim solution to showcase a space, but there are some notable drawbacks. Staging can help property managers fill their apartments with temporary furnishings. However, since often the furniture is rented, clients will continue to pay rental fees as long as they need the services. While model apartment staging might seem like a small investment in the short term, the costs can add up over time. 

Most staging companies work with a preselected set of furniture that they recycle for many different spaces, so their inventory isn’t tailored to your space. Those pieces may not be tailored to your prospective residents either, and you might end up with a model where the furniture doesn’t quite fit or a space that lacks personality. Typically, the approach for staging is to keep the aesthetic neutral, but in some cases, neutral can come off as boring and bland. 

Model55 takes a different, more personal approach to furnishing model apartments. 

What Is Model Apartment Design?

At Model55, we used to provide temporary staging solutions to our clients, but we realized we could maximize an apartment’s potential as a sales tool with a more intentional, curated approach. 

When you work with us on your model apartment design, we take field measurements and assess the layout to find the perfect pieces for your space, sourcing products from over 200 vendor partners. We have a warehouse and stocking catalog to pull from to help expedite our process, but we never sacrifice convenience for achieving our clients’ goals. 

After we go through the design, delivery, and installation process, all the furniture in the model belongs to the client. With a one-time investment, you get to keep the high-quality, never-before-used pieces to sell with the apartment or use for future models. 

A thoughtful and curated space is the most effective way to convert a prospect into a resident because it allows them to envision themselves living in the community. We intentionally design each apartment for occupancy so prospects can see themselves living there. 

Here’s a look at the key elements of our approach to model apartment design: 

Resident persona. We create resident personas for each project to help influence the model apartment design, gathering information about the residents’ average age, what they like to do in their spare time, family life, and more. With this information in our back pocket, we’re able to design a space that truly resonates with prospects. 

Spatial planning. Our professional design team and local staging partners guarantee that all model apartments adhere to design best practices and accessibility standards. We ensure that the furniture we select for each apartment fits the space and emphasizes what makes it special. 

Intimate details. The purpose of a model apartment is to help prospects imagine life at your property. Rather than leaning into a generally pleasing aesthetic, we emphasize personal touches so that someone walking into the space immediately feels right at home. Seemingly small touches go a long way in showing prospects that they belong in a community. 

Both staging and design are strategic ways to sell your apartment, but working with a commercial interior design firm that will create a bespoke design for your prospects typically yields a greater return on investment. 

Contact us today to see how we can help make your model apartment a magnet for your ideal residents.

Sharon MacDonald
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