Senior Living Design for a New Generation

New senior living residences are nothing like they used to be. Those drab and muted living spaces from the past have evolved into fresh, luxurious, and inviting places for residents to call home.

The new generation of seniors—and their adult children who help them decide where to live— want nothing less than a modern, sleek design and high-end amenities.

Younger seniors 55+ are happily moving to independent living facilities sooner than ever before. And who can blame them? They’re drawn to the prospect of living their golden years in a cultured, trendy, and active community that offers them VIP treatment.

Model studio apartment design

If you operate or manage a senior living residence, getting residents to fill your units requires drawing them in with model apartments that keep up with the latest trends. At Model55, our senior living furnishing solutions are ahead of the curve to meet the growing demand for luxury.

How Model55 Brings Modern Luxury to Design for Senior Living Residences

Here are a few of the ways we design model apartments to appeal to senior residents’ discerning tastes:

Modern, trendy design

Modern luxury is all about simplicity: crisp, clean lines and sleek, contemporary finishes. Instead of bold, bright patterns, there’s a greater emphasis on natural colors and textures like light-toned woods with small pops of color.

Functional workspaces

Many young seniors residents are still working and need a functional workspace. Whether it’s a small desk setup or a full office, we design with their practical needs in mind.

Designated dining areas

The new generation of seniors values independence and autonomy. Rather than relying on facility-provided cruising, many seniors prefer to cook their own meals. They also want the space to entertain friends and family. More and more, we’re incorporating designated dining spaces or designing the kitchen as an entertaining space to facilitate both cooking and socializing.

Open concept living

Open concept layouts optimize available space and allow for an easier flow of both traffic and communication between rooms. But the ability to obtain an open concept feel isn’t limited by a unit’s floor plan. Even if your units don’t have an open concept layout, our modern designs maintain open sightlines to make separate rooms appear larger and more inviting.

Community living spaces

Group of seniors spending free time in bright living room with big window at nursing house

The latest senior living residences have community amenity spaces as an extension of individual units. These common areas provide seniors with the sense of community they desire in a luxury residence. Designs may feature game rooms, movie theaters, and bars set up for happy hours to keep seniors engaged and entertained.

Don’t let seniors’ high expectations and discerning tastes take you by surprise. Start investing in quality design for your model apartments today. Contact Model55 to learn more about our apartment design and installation services.

Sharon MacDonald
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