Invite your residents in for cutting-edge design that fits your needs.

Demanding timelines and finite resources make it challenging to design beautiful, stylish spaces that will make your residents feel at home. Make it easy with the personalized and collaborative Model55 experience. Our industry-recognized, professional interior design team draws on 195 years of combined experience to assess your needs and the needs of your clientele when creating and installing thoughtfully curated model apartments.

Whether your clients require senior living, multifamily, or other meticulously designed spaces, the largest nationwide model apartment staging firm can help. Remain investment-conscious and timeline-friendly and deliver welcoming designs with our “all-in-one” model apartment solutions.

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The role model for collaborative design

Industry-recognized professionals
. Ensure that your needs and the needs of your residents are met with our experienced team of award-winning industry professionals.

Personalized, turn-key experience. Enjoy a thoughtfully curated design experience that’s faithfully delivered and installed by our careful and self-accountable team.

Investment-conscious and timeline-friendly. Create warm and thoughtful homes for your residents while respecting precise timelines and costs.

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The simple Model55 process

1. Partnership

Submit Model Request
Review Budget Estimate
Signature & Deposit

2. Design

Visioning Session
Design Proposal

3. Delivery

Curation & Fulfillment
White Glove Delivery
Designer Installation

Every project is local.

Serve the needs of your projects across the nation with Model55’s network of local staging partners (LSPs).

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