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Q2 Trade Show Recap: NAA’s Apartmentalize and Argentum’s Senior Living Executive Conference

Designing model apartments that sell is our bread and butter at Model55, but we don’t spend all our time running vision calls and creating design briefs

Recently, we attended two trade shows as exhibitors. If you made it out to Argentum’s Senior Living Executive Conference or the National Apartment Association’s (NAA) Apartmentalize, you might have seen us there!

Image of Model55 design assembly at 2022 tradeshow

Alternative design assembly from Model55 at 2022 Tradeshow

Showcasing Our Stocking Catalog

Our business model has always centered around meeting client needs, and we’ve evolved in many ways over the years to serve our clients better.

Trade shows help us stay current with the latest trends while allowing us to exhibit our unique offerings. We make several connections at these events each year that lead to long-term partnerships. Between the two recent trade shows we attended, both segments of our business (senior living and multifamily) were covered. 

Image of Model55 employee at 2022 Tradeshow

Argentum’s Senior Living Executive Conference gave us the opportunity to showcase our services to potential clients who serve seniors. At Apartmentalize, we had a chance to connect with other industry professionals who know NAA as a leading voice in multifamily rentals.

At both events, we set up shop with booths built entirely from inventory in our stocking catalog. 

Decor details for Model55 design assembly and 2022 tradeshow

design details for Model55 design assembly from 2022 tradeshow

Our stocking catalog is full of furnishings and accent pieces designed to make prospective residents feel right at home. We highlighted some of our favorite items at our trade show booths to provide attendees with a comfortable, interactive experience where they could see and feel the quality of our inventory in person. 

Connecting with our existing partners and meeting so many new faces at these events is one of the highlights of our year! If you attended either conference and got to chatting with us (or perhaps missed us!), we’d love to connect. Contact us today, and let’s get to work on your next model apartment!

Sharon MacDonald
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