Staging Model Apartments for Virtual Tours

People Will Always Need A Place to Live

Current industry restrictions lead many multifamily providers to adopt convenient and innovative ways to showcase their beautifully designed spaces. New 3D technology has made it easier for residents to view potential living spaces from the comfort of their own home through virtual tours. 

Show Them Your Space Remotely

Thanks to interactive technology, our clients and their future residents can see what thoughtfully curated designs we’ve created. To get a taste of how this remote experience works, check out the virtual tours we’ve created of our own multifamily and senior living spaces.

The Stadium Apartments in Tacoma, WA

12 South Flats in Nashville, TN

The Brynx in Boston, MA

Laurel Circle in Bridgewater, NJ

Are You Thinking About Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging can be difficult to do on your own. Set up a time with our industry-recognized team to discuss your apartment design and needs.

Susan Durfee
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