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What to Expect During Model Apartment Delivery and Installation

When you invest in model apartment design services, you should know exactly what to expect during each phase of the process—design, delivery, and installation. In our experience, clients tend to have the least clarity around the logistics of delivery and installation, mainly because many design companies often don’t fulfill these needs comprehensively. 

We can’t speak for any other companies. But we can tell you that when you choose Model55’s staging solutions, you won’t have to lift a finger to get a turnkey model apartment designed, delivered, and installed to your exact specifications.

Here’s what you can expect from our delivery and installation services. 

How We Prepare Model Apartment Furniture and Decor for Delivery

Model55 team member prepping warehouse

Our philosophy is that model apartment delivery and installation should be one seamless experience—as both a commercial interior design firm and a logistics company, that’s an experience we’re able to provide. It starts with us organizing our systems and processes behind the scenes.

First, our back-end teams pull all model apartment furniture and decor from our state-of-the-art warehouse, then carefully pack and palette it for white glove delivery.

As soon as your items are en route to the community, we confirm departure with the appropriate community contacts, giving them plenty of notice to prepare accordingly.

We ask that communities take care of several tasks before our arrival so we can complete the product delivery process within one business day:

  • Finish all painting, including accent walls
  • Clear the room of debris and non-essential items
  • Complete construction: floors installed, water running, and electricity functioning
  • We also ask that no other contractors are present during delivery or installation so our team has enough space to work our magic

Model apartment ready for our delivery process

The Product Delivery Process

On the day of your white glove delivery, the only thing you’ll need to do is designate a person to sign and accept the model apartment furniture and decor; then, you can get back to your busy day. 

Our moving team will unpack, assemble, and examine all product—we’re proactive and consistently check for any damaged or missing items. Should anything go wrong, we’ll promptly bring the issue to your attention and provide a solution for how to fix it. 

We’ll place product according to the agreed-upon floor plan, then remove all trash and packaging materials from the premises.

We’ll complete delivery by the end of the day, but your model apartment won’t be ready just yet! Although all products will have arrived, your property won’t be fully staged until the confirmed installation date, usually the following day.

Before our moving team departs your community, you’ll have an opportunity to walk through the model apartment to verify the location and  condition of all items.

Model Apartment Design Installation

Installation typically begins the following business day, when our Local Staging Partner (LSP)—usually the same person who performed your model apartment field measure—arrives.

The LSP will stage all furniture and decor using a comprehensive guide created by your designer. The guide provides detailed instructions on everything from accessory placement to artwork arrangement—even making the bed. 

During staging, the LSP remains in regular contact with the rest of the Model55 team to document and monitor progress in real time.

Our standard timeline for the entire delivery and installation process is just two business days. Projects with multiple models may take additional time, as we usually stage one unit per day. We’ll work with your schedule to ensure the timeline accommodates your needs.

To us, model apartment delivery and installation means taking care of you from beginning to end. Don’t settle for anything less—contact us today to learn more!

Sharon MacDonald
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