Urban Interior Design and The Apartment Industry

Urban Interior Design and the Apartment Industry

Chances are if you’re a player in the professionally managed multifamily apartment industry, you’ve heard the growing buzz around urban interior design. Of course it is no secret that the up-and-coming millennial generation relates to urban interior design concepts, but it’s important to recognize that the trend reaches far beyond the 20 and 30-somethings of the country. Urban interior design offers visual appeal to apartment buyers and renters, of all ages, throughout cities and suburbs of the United States and Canada.  So, what makes urban interior design so appealing? Let’s take a look at the style and different trends where we see urban design to get a better idea…

The Rise of the Urban Design Style

One place where, and why, we see urban interior design springing up is in postindustrial suburbs where there were once buzzing mills and factories. The reason for this is simply that as the apartment industry begins to expand into the secondary and tertiary markets, the need for housing has compelled buyers and developers to become creative and lean. One great way we see this happening is the conversion of historical buildings that were once used for production, such as mills, warehouses and factories, into multifamily apartment units.

Urban Design Takes Flight

Making an urban space a functioning, livable environment has truly become a style in-and-of itself. Using the original exposed bricks, beams, or concrete flooring of a renovated building, creates opportunities that once may have been seen as challenges. By combing the urban feel of original elements with the open spaces often found in converted buildings, designers are able to turn cold, and often inefficient spaces, into warm, welcoming environments.

The Application of Urban Interior Design

Of course, with urban interior design becoming such a popular style, apartment communities that were not built from the plans of historical industrial buildings can also get in on the action. Incorporating urban design can be done in a variety of applications. Below are a few great ways to include subtle urban tones in your multifamily units:
  • Plenty of natural lighting (large windows)
  • Open spaces
  • Exposed materials (i.e. bricks, wood, steel)
  • Bohemian accents
Looking for more ideas/suggestions for how to give any space into an urban style, loft-like feel? Contact us today – we’d be happy to help!

Urban Style Influences Many Facets of Your Prospects’ Day-to-day

Chances are if you’re in the business of designing, or marketing in the apartment industry, you understand the importance of urban style design. Perhaps what you do not recognize is how popular the urban style really is. We see it everyday in restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and so on. One way you can incorporate urban design into an existing apartment community is by updating the model apartments, or common spaces.


Using urban interior design as a way to connect your properties to existing and potential residents is a great idea for any multifamily property. We’re always happy to share our ideas and thoughts, so feel free to leave your comments below, or reach out to us at hello@model55.com!
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