Short-term Guests and the Holidays

With the holidays and cold weather upon us, opening your community doors to short-term guests is a great way to increase occupancy and ultimately revenue.  You will want to provide your short-term guests with a beautiful apartment that helps them to experience what life is like in your community. For most, the goal of a short-term stay is to help convert the guest into a long-term resident.

Why You Might Consider Short-term Units This Holiday Season

There are a myriad of reasons why a community may want to offer this living option to prospective residents:

  • The primary caregiver is going on vacation and there is no one else who can step in and care for the individual
  • Promote socialization during the cold and snowy months, that would otherwise lead to isolation for many seniors
  • The opportunity to try out living in an assisted living community before committing to a long-term lease
  • Just being released from the hospital or rehabilitation center and may not be quite ready to live 100% independently
  • Giving the resident an opportunity to travel to see their loved ones and have a safe environment for them to stay in

Many factors contribute to the overall experience to make it a positive one for the resident.  Amongst all the services and amenities that you can provide, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the guest’s apartment.

Everly bedroom with bedding.

Creating Short-term Guest Apartments

When creating a short-term rental apartment, I recommend you keep the following in mind:

  • Comfortable bed appropriately sized for the room – ideally a full or queen size bed
  • Storage so they can unpack their suitcase which makes it more like home
  • Extra pillows and a blanket for comfort
  • Ample lighting – both overhead, ambient and task lighting
  • A cohesive look to the furniture and accessories so it doesn’t look as if you dragged in furniture from various other spaces in the community or used furniture left behind by other residents
  • Small dining table with chairs to enjoy of a cup of tea or coffee
  • Art and decorative accessories that add warmth and character to the apartment so it doesn’t feel so cold

By having a room ready you can preserve the integrity of your beautiful model and not have to intrude during your guest’s stay to show prospective residents what a furnished unit would look like.

We Can Help!

To make the process of setting up a short term stay apartment easier, we at Model55 have curated our Resident Room Collections.  Select one of our beautiful, pre-designed bedrooms and then layer on additional options such as bedding, art and decorative accessories for a finished look.  We have a variety of collections to complete every room.  This is a quick solution to achieve a furnished apartment, as the collections are stocked and ready to ship to your community.

Thanks For Reading

I hope this provides you with some helpful information on how to set up a short stay guest apartment that will lead to increased occupancy!

Liz Laplante
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