Our Summer in Review

Where Has the Time Gone?

Like the rest of this strange year, the summer of 2020 has been an odd compilation of days, turned to weeks, turned to months. And it has seemed, to me at least, that the hotter the days got, the slower time moved. But, now that August is closing in, and September is upon us, I can’t help but wonder, where has all that time gone? Why is it that when we’re in it time creeps along, but looking back, it seems like a blink of an eye? 

Sitting Here, Just Pondering...

Anyways, as I was siting here and pondering my summer, I began to think about the past few months for Model55. We have been so fortunate as a company to be able to continue doing what we love most (even in these unprecedented times), which is making beautiful spaces that look and feel like home. 

That’s why I thought it would be fun to look back at the projects we have installed over the past 3 months in visuals. 

A Review of Summer Projects

Although we don’t get every project professionally photographed (we would just have too many photos!), we do keep photographs sent to us by our valued Local Staging Partners after each designer install. So, I spent this morning going through the photos and videos taken by LSPs and picking out ones to highlight in the Model55 summer review post. 

I hope you enjoy!

Scenes From Multifamily Installs

1-Bedroom Model Apartment

This one-bedroom model apartment is modern chic. The desk in the living room is a perfect way to show incoming residents how they can make the most of the common living space while working from home.

2-Bedroom Model Apartment

A modern/ natural design for a two-bedroom apartment. The blues and greens are complimented with neutral tones in the art and furniture. 

2-Bedroom Townhome Model

This bright and colorful living space at this two-bedroom townhome model in Baltimore in perfect for a young, professional couple.

Scenes From Senior Living Installs

Assisted Living 1-Bedroom

This one-bedroom AL model offers a contemporary vibe with a twist of modern. Times are changing and so should the style of your models. 

Assisted Living 1-Bedroom

This transitional look is clean, natural and inviting. This 1-bedroom AL with a den is a testament to how cozy and updated life at this community is!

Senior Living Studio

The florals combined with clean geometric patterns in the studio apartment make this traditional design look both modern and feminine. 

Independent Living 1-Bedroom

A stunning representation of life at this community. This one-bedroom model speaks to a range of potential residents and their families. 

Watch the video walkthrough from the installation of this 1-bedroom IL!

Senior Living Sales Trailer

Show tour-takers the way life will look and feel at your community with a well designed sales trailer. 

Watch the video walkthrough from the installation of this sales trailer!

One More Thing Before You Go

Like I mentioned before, our amazing network of Local Staging Partners are the ones who have provided the mobile pictures featured above. What I didn’t mention before is that one of my favorite things is when they also provided a video walkthrough. I love experiencing  virtual tours of recent model installations, which I would otherwise not be able to see because our projects are all over the country. 

So, I thought to wrap this post up, I would share some short video clips from more of the models we completed.

1-Bedroom Assisted Living Model

1-Bedroom Multifamily Model

Assisted Living With Office

Additional Images from 2-bedroom (or office) AL

Independent Living Studio Apartment

Memory Care Studio Apartment

Learn More ABout Model55

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