Work From Home like a Pro with These 10 Tips

We are about two weeks into working remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us who are used to going into the office everyday have forgotten what day, month, and season it is.

Instead of my usual blog written for Multifamily Property Management teams, I’ve gathered some favorite WFH (work from home) tips from colleagues and friends.

Wake Up

Working from home for an extended period of time (when you aren’t used to it) is a great way to completely throw off your routine. Sure, you can roll out of bed 15 minutes before you’re supposed to login for the day – but I definitely don’t recommend it.

It’s important to wake up at your normal time and go about your normal routine. Even if the rest of your day is slow, at least you started on the right foot.

Get Ready For Your Day

Perhaps the hardest tip to follow when you’re actively trying not to leave the house – get ready as usual. This does not mean you have to do your hair, your makeup, and dress business casual. It does mean that you should not live in your pajamas.

In my personal opinion, getting dressed for the day is an act of self-care that leads to a more positive attitude and a more productive day.

Set Up Shop

Where you set up your temporary office for the day is important! Sitting upright at a table or desk is much better than lounging with your laptop on your couch or bed. This isn’t just for productivity, it’s also for your sanity. If you lounge all day and then lounge again at night in the same spot for some Netflix, every day will start to feel extremely continuous and draining.

Take Short Breaks

Short breaks throughout the day are always important – especially from home. Stepping away from your computer or a project for 10 – 15 minutes every few hours is great for your attention span and energy.

Get Outside

Yes – you can still go outside! As long as you’re practicing social distancing, you should make it a point to go outside every day. Fresh air is ALWAYS important. Bonus points if you can incorporate a daily walk into your schedule.

Social Connections

For many of us, the days are moving slower since a lot of businesses are shut down. Some of these businesses may have been important to your team, especially from a sales or logistics perspective. If you have some extra down time during your day, try choosing a quick social activity rather than online shopping or playing a game on your phone. You could call a coworker you usually see every day, an old colleague, or a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while.

Home Work Out

Even though your gym is closed that doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout! There are quite a few companies that are offering free fitness classes right now that you can access online or through an app. Check out the links below or try a quick google search to find more.


Find an Activity

While you’re working from home for the foreseeable future, it can’t be the only thing that you do. Finish that home project you’ve been neglecting, work on a passion project, or learn something new. There are even more companies offering free services and classes right now, check out these lists:


Read a Book

Take some time to read a book related to your field. If you’re anything like me and have a bad habit of collecting books but not reading them, then now is the time! If you don’t, you can download the free kindle app to your phone, tablet, or laptop and buy some new books that can be downloaded instantly.

Don’t Forget To Give It A Rest

The most important tip: don’t forget to rest. Separating work and home is more difficult when your work is always home with you. Create cut off times for yourself so you’re not burning yourself out.


To all of our readers – stay safe, stay healthy, stay home, and keep washing those hands.

Lauren Ebstein

Lauren Ebstein is Model55's Multifamily Sales Coordinator. With a background in property management, Lauren is passionate about how leasing teams work together and build relationships with their residents.

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