The Boom in Senior Living Amenities

A Brave New World For Senior Living

For the past few years the senior living industry has been buzzing with anticipation for the surge of baby boomers moving into communities throughout America. The fact of the matter is that senior living communities across the country are now at a unique cross roads where they are serving two generations with entirely different characteristics. First, there is the silent generation, born between 1926-1944; these seniors typically have a more traditional outlook on how things should be. They are loyal, hardworking, and generally posses a black and white sense of right vs. wrong. Next, there is the baby boomer generation, born between 1945-1964; as the tail end of this generation rapidly approaches the 55+ category, we are seeing a monumental shift in how senior living developers are planning up-and-coming communities. This generation is regarded as more open-minded when it comes to socialization. They are also typically considered to be health driven and technology savvy individuals, who value independence.
The question has now become, how can established senior living communities begin to make changes to their amenity and service offerings to cater to both generations?

What Baby Boomers Are Really Looking For In Senior Housing

Simply put, the baby boomers that are investing senior housing are not looking for a final place to rest before their lives end. This generation wants more from the communities they will ultimately decide to call their homes. Baby boomers are in search of places where they can live while growing their knowledge, wellness, and souls. This means that senior living communities that want to attract the newest generation of seniors, need to invest in amenities to accommodate.
Senior living communities looking for ways to adapt to the impending surge of baby boomer residents are finding that learning, exercising, and making friends, are all imperative aspects of the amenities they must plan for. Essentially, senior living communities need to find ways to make their operations run more like cruise ships! Planning for and offering amenities that encourage socialization within small groups is now as critical part of remaining in the competition for all groups within the continuing care/ senior living spectrum.

The Events and Amenities Baby Boomers Are Interested In

As was mentioned before, the baby boomer generation considers health and wellness important facets of living quality lives. That is why exercise and outdoors facilities to promote wellness are popular venues for senior living communities to explore while planning new or updated offerings. Areas dedicated to outdoor exercising, lounging, and dining are great sales tools for communities to use in supporting marketing efforts including, but not limited to websites and tours, as well.
Another notable and important life aspect for the baby boomer generation is continuing to grow educationally in a diversified range of areas. Senior living communities that are starting to plan for the surge of baby boomers are incorporating facilities, such as classroom kitchens and/ or computer lounges. These facilities ensure that their residents will have on-site amenities to help fulfill their needs to learn, grow, and nurture personal interests.

An Exciting Time For Senior Living Providers

By 2020 all members of the baby boomer generation will be considered seniors in the 55+ category, and new opportunities for senior living will become a prevalent part of operating successful corporations. As a provider of interior design services for senior living corporations throughout North America, we are excited to be a part of the design world while these new and creative amenities continue to develop.  It is an exciting time in the senior living industry – we’d love to hear your thoughts!
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