Promote Active Adult Lifestyles Through Design

Active adult lifestyles are continually being promoted through 55+ communities. Residents want a community that promotes healthy, active lifestyles through all aspects of the residency, not only in a health club on campus.
Your model apartment shown to residents is your ultimate first impression and your top opportunity to convince them to call your community home. The number one place to show potential residents and their families your community’s active adult culture is through your interior design and décor.
Swap The Slippers for Sneakers
While slippers next to the bed may look nice, they don’t exactly promote an active, outdoor lifestyle. Trading out the slippers for a pair of outdoor walking sneakers shows the kind of culture your community promotes – an active, healthy one.
While you’re at it, trade out pajamas and bathrobes for active wear!
Provide Healthy Options
Residents may enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, but adding some reusable water bottles helps show the on-the-go lifestyle your community is trying to promote. Reusable water bottles also show the ecofriendly, green initiatives your residency has instilled, which is a hot trend among 55+ residents and communities today.
Place a couple of water bottles or fruit in your model apartment on the kitchen counter with a flyer or pamphlet of the kind of activities your community offers daily, both indoor and outdoor. This not only adds some unique and affordable décor items, but can also initiate some great talking and selling points between your sales team and potential residents touring your community.
Add Color
Nothing says tired and boring like plain walls and scarcely decorated model apartments. Bright colors instantly add energy and active vibes to a room.
We all hate the old perception of 55+ communities being dull, boring and offering nothing more than a place to sleep to residents. Spice up your décor by adding modern flairs to entice residents to want to stay. Modern looking décor and furnishings show the effort you take as a community to keep things up to date, and helps active, energetic residents decide to move in.
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