October Resident Events & Ideas for Property Managers

Planning Your October Resident Events

Make the most of the slow leasing season with great October resident events. October (unofficially) marks the beginning of slow season in the world of property management. Traffic is winding down from the chaos of summer move-ins, tours start to decrease, and more time can be reserved for residents. This also means your leasing staff will have more time to plan events in advance and stay up to date with seasonal decorations.

Let’s Talk October Resident Events & Ideas

Depending on your corporate marketing team, chances are you have the freedom to create some awesome resident events, provided they are inline with your property’s budget. One of the best ways to get the most out of your event budget is to plan in advance so time doesn’t escape you and the events HAPPEN. Because let’s face it, property management is unpredictable.

Tips to keep in mind:

#1. It’s In the Timing
Throw them on the calendar! Sit down with your team and set aside dates and times for monthly events to occur from October – February.
#2. Advanced Planning
Create a few event ideas for each month. By doing this your team will be ready to spread the word when it’s time.
#3. Sign Up Sheets
Do any of the events require a head-count or sign-up sheet? Be sure to send this request out 2 – 3 weeks prior to your event.


Chances are you have all age ranges at your property and people will want to go trick-or-treating. Don’t forget to order door tags in advance for apartments that do or don’t want to participate, and make sure everyone knows they are available in your office to pick up before Halloween.

Another rule of thumb for October – stock up on LOTS of candy! On the day of Halloween or a few days before, fill a giant bowl (cauldron or pumpkin shaped are a plus) with candy in your lobby for people to grab on their way home from work or school.

Property Management Party Ideas

There is no shortage of October resident events. In fact, once you sit down and think about it, ideas for October and Halloween are everywhere! Pinterest is a great place to find ideas, and here are three great ones to get you started:

#1. Pumpkin Paint Night
Paint pumpkins instead of carving! It’s less messy, less time consuming, and people LOVE it! Use acrylic paints to make them go a long way and have plenty of plastic table cloths, plastic cups, and paper towels.

#2. Costume party
This is the most versatile – if at least some people wear costumes, you’ve done it right! Cater food from a local vendor, and bonus points if it’s Halloween themed.

#3. Fall Carnival
Costumes are welcomed! This event can be as creative as you want and there are SO many options. Some activities to have are:

  • A candy apple decorating station
  • Pin the BOO on the ghost
  • Guess how many candy corns
  • Halloween movie trivia
  • DIY photo booth

If any of these events sound like they are geared toward a much younger crowd, you’ll be surprised at how many adults will have a blast winding down together after work. Make sure pictures are being taken of all the action – they are a great way to show the sense of community that your events can build.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

Have fun with it! Depending on the style of your building, decorations tend to have a theme throughout the year. If you’re unsure of where to begin with holiday decorations, try starting with the “less is more” concept. For example, you would never see stickers on the windows of my leasing office, but cohesive Halloween signs are A-OK.

The Final Touch

Do you have a model apartment? Add a bowl of candy where everyone will see it when they walk in. Prospects are more likely to grab candy from the model rather than your office. If you have a stocked fridge, add fall themed or Halloween themed drinks and snacks.

Have Fun and Be Safe

October can be a blast for you and your property. Remember, always have fun and always be safe. Happy month of Halloween!

Lauren Ebstein

Lauren Ebstein is Model55's Multifamily Sales Coordinator. With a background in property management, Lauren is passionate about how leasing teams work together and build relationships with their residents.

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