Stand alone unit breaks up apartment and provides more storage when decorating a model apartment.

Decorating a Model Apartment | Storage Ideas

Storage Tips for Decorating a Model Apartment

When it comes to decorating a model apartment, there are a lot of things to be mindful of. And, when it comes to storage, you can incorporate so many options. We discussed the latest findings of the Zillow Group Consumer Report 2017 in our last blog, and how those findings can be applied to decorating a model apartment. The need/ desire for storage was a notable finding in the report. Today we are going to discuss storage options that can help you showcase your apartments in the best light.

Decorating a Model Apartment for the Next Generation

Apartment renters surveyed in the Zillow Report proved that storage is an important factor when choosing where to rent. Of course, you storage options outside of the unit are out of your control. However, you can always use the model apartment to showcase different ways to incorporate trendy design in the need for storage. We have listed a few of our favorite storage decor below.

A Bike Rack on The Wall

Do you want to showcase life at your community while suggesting storage options to potential tenants? Try installing a bike rack in the entry hall of your model. Decorating a model apartment is about more than just making the space look good. Although that is important… However, it’s also about making a space look believable. You want your tours to leave prospects with a clear picture of how their lives could be in that apartment. Therefor, if you have tenants who own bikes, incorporate that in your model. A cute bike on a nice rack in the entry hall is a great way to fill your model with imagination while showcasing storage possibilities.

However, if you can’t swing a bike rack, try different places throughout the apartment where you could store a bike. This is a great way to demonstrate unique and visually appealing ways space throughout the apartment can be used.

Check out Pinterest for more inspiration!


Cube Storage

Cube storage is a great alternative to end and coffee tables. Of course, decorating with cubes is easier said than done. And, not all cubes are created equal. We love the rustic look of these cubes paired with the Scandinavian accents. When decorating a model apartment with cubes, it is important to select ones that match the overall theme of your decor. Additionally, fill your cubes with decor and practical items, i.e. books, throw pillows, and extra glasses. This ensures that your cubes demonstrate the ability to create more storage in a stylish way.

Also, you can use your cubes as tables. By placing items on top of your cubes, you automatically create a table. We like the lights in the bowl (featured in the image). However, there are plenty of tabletop decorations that are worthy of your cube creations. Magazines, books and trays are all great ideas.

Stand Alone and Wall Shelving

We love shelving – when it’s done right. In a small apartment shelves are great ways to divide rooms. In this image a tall shelving unit is used to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the small studio apartment. You can use items like this to create cute decorative vignettes, as well as to highlight different storage ideas.

Another way to use shelves to showcase storage is wall shelves. Although the installation might be a pain, we endorse shelves in the kitchen. Here, you can demonstrate cute, usable kitchen items displayed in a thoughtful way. This is a great imagination sparker. By using decor, storage, and household items, you can beautifully and subtly demonstrate life at your community.

Closets, Closets, Closets

Believe it or not, highlighting closet space is an important part of decorating a model apartment. Use hampers, bins with labels, clothing, and drawers to show potential residents how they can use their closet space. You can also place extra pillows and blankets on shelving in the closets. Additionally, always be sure to highlight all of the closets and the storage space they create while on a tour. Looking for more ideas on how to stage a closet in your model apartment? Contact our designers today with any questions you might have!

Decorating a Model Apartment Storage Ideas

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can decorate a model apartment while incorporating storage. Of course, we like things to be beautiful. That is why we wanted to offer suggestions to keep in mind for your model. If you have ideas that you would like to share, be sure to comment on our blog via Facebook or LinkedIn. Thanks for reading!

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