13 Ideas for Apartment Decorating

It’s Friday the 13th and although we aren’t superstitious, we do have suggestions for apartment decorating that won’t scare away your potential residents. Check out the slide show below for great apartment decorating ideas to incorporate in your models:

#1. Scale Your Furniture & Decor

When everything is the same size/ level nothing stands out. Use different shapes and sizes to draw attention to important pieces in the apartment. For example, if a room is small, opt for smaller furnishings.

#2. Respect the Pet

When it comes to apartment decorating, you must respect the pet. If pets are important to your current residents, odds are they are important to potential residents too. Showcase pictures of cute pets throughout your models. Make it believable by creating a story with one pet per apartment.

#3. Go Green

Use floor plants and accent plants to bring the outside in to your model. Live plants are a lot of work to maintain, so don’t be afraid to go faux. We love olive trees, cacti and fiddle figs! However, if you need more inspiration Apartment Therapy has a great post featuring indoor plant decorating ideas.

#4. Don’t Be Afraid to Personify

Who is your potential resident and what/ who is important to him or her? Create a story through pictures and make sure your target demographic is represented throughout your design.

#5. Tell a Story About a Lifestyle

Who is your ideal resident? Biking, hiking, kayaking and yoga are all things that can easily be added to your design story.

#6. Pull in Local Elements

For impactful apartment decorating, pull local elements into your design. Use map art, local images, ect. to help pull the story of your model design together. Also, table books are a great way to incorporate community into your design story.

#7. Be Bold With Fun Accent Walls

Use wallpaper on one wall to create a dramatic, bold look. Choose a fun geometric pattern, or a classic natural pattern. However, if you don’t have time or budget to wallpaper, consider a complimentary paint color for a quick apartment makeover.

#8. Pick a Cohesive Design Style

Choose a design style can help pull the look and feel of the overall apartment together. Popular design styles include: Traditional, contemporary, mid century modern and industrial. Be sure to keep your chosen style in mind when selecting your furniture, art and accessories. Follow Model55’s apartment decorating concept boards on Pinterest!

#9. Use Bold Pops of Color

We love seeing bold pops of color in accent furniture, decorative pillows, and art. For more ideas, check out our blog, How Color Impacts Interior Design.

#10. Black and White Photography

If you’re looking for pictures and/or art ideas that go with anything, try black and white photography!

#11. Make Area Rugs a Priority

Nothing fills up a room as positively as a good area rug. If you feel like your model is lacking something you just can’t put your finger on, we reccomend trying out a new area rug!

#12. Complete the Look With Drapery

The right drapery pulls the look and feel of any space together. Period.

#13. Make it Feel Like Home

Home is a place to express your life and style. Make the atmosphere warm and inviting by incorporating personality. Include pictures of friends, family, activities, pets, and so on.


Amanda Beausoleil

Model55 purchases, designs and installs model apartments quickly and efficiently, reducing the cost and time of setting up your own model apartment.

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