19 New Year’s Resolutions For Our Company in 2019

19 New Year’s Resolutions For Our Company in 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share 19 New Year’s resolutions put together by employees at our company. Some are personal while others are more team-based. However, they are all goals we are excited to achieve. We hope you enjoy reading and learning a little more about who we are and what it’s like here at Model55. So, without further ado here they are!

#1. Help Fresh Start Furniture Bank

Located in Hudson, MA (just like us!), Fresh Start is a truly amazing organization. Their mission is to provide furniture and household goods for people in need. Because our own furniture warehouse is full of slightly damaged furniture that cannot be used in models, we are able to donate completely new items to help their cause. In 2019, we hope to help Fresh Start in as many ways as we can. If you’re in the Hudson, MA area and you would like to donate or volunteer, check out their website today!

#2. More Movie Days

The Holiday Movie Initiative of 2018 was such a success, a lot of our employees are asking for more. Over the month of December we aired a holiday movie in the “Magenta Room” from 3-5. Of course, we are are a group of work-a-holics, so everyone brought their laptops. But even still, these movie days were a great way to get together and have fun during the lull of the holidays. Hey, let’s do this more often!

#3. Win an Award

We are proud of our talented, creative and motivated team of interior designers. That’s why we want to grow our collection of design awards acknowledging their work! So, in 2019 we’d like to apply for and win more awards. If you have suggestions for our marketing team, leave a comment below.

#4. Aquire a Desk Plant and Keep it Alive

No names will be mentioned… but, needless to say this one can be challenging for those of us who lack a green thumb. However, this is a great resolution to have. In fact, here’s an article we found online featuring 7 benefits of having a desk plant.

#5. Reduce Paper Usage

It can be hard to hold off on hitting that print button. However, reducing paper usage is an amazing way to save our organization money and help reduce our environmental footprint. Ironically, when you switch to electronic notes and communication, you create a paper trail that’s much easier to follow.

#6. Recycle More

Environmentally friendly resolutions seem to be a theme for 2019 within our organization. We think that the shift in thinking and living is happening everywhere! As a company we strive to make the world a more beautiful place. That’s why it only seems fitting that we keep our planet healthy and happy by doing our part.

#7. Keep Our Workplace Beautiful

It’s been said by more than one visitor that our office is one of the most beautiful offices… like, ever. Of course it is – this place is chuck-full of interior designers. Also, our founder, Sharon MacDonald, started Model55 to help create beautiful spaces. So, in 2019 we’ve set a resolution as a company to clean up a little more and put more effort into staying organized. This one’s a doozy that will require regular check-ins. After all, who doesn’t get a little messy from time to time?

#8. Monthly Team Lunches

At Model55, we have found that the best way to work together is to work with your friends. One of our employees offered a resolution to put more effort into quality team time over lunch. This is a great way to boost moral and build trust amongst team members. Does your team have a regular lunches?

#9. Honor the Suggestion Box

Recently we added a suggestion box to our cafeteria. Because it is so important to our leadership team that we work in a positive environment, they have made a resolution to review all suggestions and try to implement them quickly and effectively.

#10. Show More Appreciation with Stars

Passion. Teamwork. Integrity. Energy. Dedication. These are Model55’s core values. Each month we have an all-company meeting over breakfast. At the end of the meeting, we read and hand out stars. These stars are written by us and are for anyone we choose who went above and beyond to exemplify one or more of our core values. They’re a great way to acknowledge the efforts of our teammates and show appreciation.

#11. Experience the World When We Travel for Work

When we travel for trade shows or client reviews, we want to make it a point to experience the places we visit. What are some of your favorite work trip memories?

#12. Set Realistic Deadlines

A lot of people find this one tough to accomplish. However, it’s a great goal to have. If you want to resolve to setting realistic deadlines in 2019, check out this article.

#13. Make Life Easier for Our Clients

One of the greatest gifts any company can give its clients is to make messaging as simple, clear and to the point as possible. In 2019 we want to offer easy-to-access answers to all of our clients questions. We also want to ensure that our messaging is a clear and concise as possible.

#14. Share More Client Success Stories

We do not only want to share client success stories with our clients, but also with each other. Instead of working in silos, we are committed to communicating and talking about the projects we work on and how much success they bring our clients. Additionally we want to find fun and engaging ways to bring our success stories to life for our audience. If you’re not entirely convinced client success stories matter, check out this blog!

#15. Bring Packed Lunches to Work

It’s a no brainer. This saves money and usually results in healthier eating throughout the work week. Click here to read, “100 Lunch Ideas on What the Heck to Pack For Work“.

#16. Get More Exercise During the Day

This resolution is an important one to many of our employees. Daily walks, desk dumbbells and friendly competitions are just some of the ideas we have thought up. Here is a fun article that features 10 little ways to sneak in exercise at work, without looking silly.

#17. Spot Ryan the Coyote From a Safe Distance

Yup. We named the coyote that’s been spotted in our side lot Ryan (see pictures). Oddly enough, one Model55 employee put another Ryan spotting as her 2019 resolution. It seemed worth including.

#18. Communicate Better

Again, this is a hard resolution. However, it’s also an important one! Clear, effective communication between employees and clients is a must in any successful organization.

#19. Show You Who We Are

At the end of day, B2B is just another way of saying people doing business with other people. So, one of our favorite 2019 resolutions is to share more about and from our people with clients and prospects alike. After all, we’ve got some pretty great people here at Model55!


Well, there you have it. We hope you enjoyed Model55’s top 19 New Year’s resolutions for our company in 2019. If you have professional resolutions of your own, or would like to share on anything you’ve read here, please leave your comments below!

My Favorite Work Trip Memories From 2018

Hi! My name is Amanda Beausoleil and I am Model55’s Marketing Strategist. I write a lot of the blogs posted under Model55’s author name. In the spirit of resolutions #11 and #19, I thought I’d share some pictures from some of my favorite work trips taken this year. Enjoy!

Amanda Beausoleil

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