A Designer’s Guide to Thanksgiving Decor

5 Tips to Help You Decorate for the Holiday

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Model55 design team got together to discuss some of our favorite ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces and tables setups. Unfortunately, we had so many favorite ideas that we realized there was just no way we would be able to cover everything we discussed. So, we decided to list our top 5 favorite picks for Thanksgiving décor, and do a quick write-up for our blog. Without further ado, here you have our interior design guide to a beautiful Thanksgiving setup:

#1. Rustic: As professional interior designers, we often come across a range of confusion when it comes to rustic themed concepts. Here at Model55, the general consensus is that rustic means relating to the country, and often times, simple. We love the idea of a rustic-themed Thanksgiving tables, which makes us think of exposed wood and simple elements found in rural environments. If you think rustic is the way to go with your Thanksgiving tablescape, try adding simple, earth-toned details that tie the theme together. One suggestion we love is placeholder name cards made from pinecones. This idea is so easy to apply to a rustic theme, and can be fun if you have children looking for a special task to help make Thanksgiving a hit!

#2. Tone-On-Tone: If you want to create a modern and sophisticated look at your Thanksgiving table, we definitely recommend trying the tone-on-tone theme. Our favorite choice is white. With a simple tablecloth or runner, you can create a truly stunning centerpiece using only a few items. For example, line the center of your table with white pumpkins, white rose petals, and simple tea light candles floating on an inch of water in a plain, glass holder. Add a small pop of color by using teal, or beige napkin rings.

Keep in mind that white was our tone of choice because it blends so well with other light tones, including beige and gold. One of our designers suggested adding to the table’s look by creating simple, dried wheat bundles to place in between your white pumpkins and flowers. Not sure where you can find wheat to suit your purpose? Try a local crafts store like Michaels or AC Moore.

#3. Flowers: If there is one thing we all agree on, it is that fresh flowers and foliage are great additions to any tablescape. When it comes to Thanksgiving, we recommend using bright colors that reflect the holiday and time of year. To us, Thanksgiving is about having plenty – that can be applied to harvest, land, friendship, family, and anything you’re grateful for – that being said, you can use bright, vibrant, and fall colored foliage to bring life to your thanksgiving table. Try mixing orange roses, yellow sunflowers, and burgundy chrysanthemums with small pumpkins and tea light candles on the center of your table. Tie the theme together with personalized sunflower place card holders (all you need is enough sunflowers and cardstock!).

#4. The Harvest: If you’d like to add more to your Thanksgiving table than just flowers, think harvest all the way. We love creating unique cornucopias for table centerpieces around this time of year. One thing that’s great about cornucopias is that you can put anything in them to show how much you have. From cheese, grapes, and crackers, to fall foliage, small pumpkins, wheat, and flowers – an overflowing cornucopia is the pinnacle of Thanksgiving and the history of the holiday. Another idea that we love is to use waffle ice cream cones, filled with yummy treats and fun and delicious place card settings that look like personal cornucopias! You can also wrap the cone in plain yarn and fill it with decorative items that represent fall at its best.
#5. Elegant: You might have guessed that elegant is our favorite concept for a Thanksgiving tablescape. There are so many ways one could create an elegant table, and we could not cover them all if we tried. We do have a few suggestions however, which include cloth napkins in napkin rings, placed on layered plates. Be sure that everyone has the appropriate silverware and that glasses go on the right. Be sure to set the napkin in the center of the plates, and to put the salad and dinner forks on the left, and the spoon and knife on the right. If you’re unsure how to properly set a table, check out the Emily Post online guide to table setting, or shoot us a quick message for detailed advice and ideas!

There you have it: Our designers’ guide to creating an inspiring Thanksgiving table. Stay tuned to our blog for more interior design and decorating ideas, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for reading – and Happy Thanksgiving!