One of the many benefits of Model55’s turnkey resident room collections program is consistent brand imagery across multiple senior living locations. If you are looking for a signature look, which can be used in more than one of your communities, Model55 offers signature furnishing and design collections.

State Mandated Furniture

Many states require senior living corporations to abide by Department of Health (DOH), or other state-mandated furnishing requirements. Model55 is well-versed on a variety of state policies, and offers a number of furniture kits that our clients can use as sales tools, or for standard furniture orders.

Additional Furniture Package Benefits

In addition to helping your sales and marketing efforts by giving residents and potential residents the added option of a furniture solution and faster move-in times, our appropriately scaled furniture selections and senior-friendly designs help alleviate the stress of moving a loved one into a community. Our own on-site warehouse allows us to quickly ship budget-friendly furniture collections to your community, assisting in expediting resident move-ins.

How Can RRCs Help My Community?

    • Fulfill state mandated furniture requirements (NY, PA, MD)
    • Sales/marketing move-in incentives
    • Quick resident move-ins transitioning out of rehabilitation
    • Short-stay guests suites
    • Resource for family looking for apartment scaled furnishings
    • Respite furnishings to eliminate the need for residents staying in model
    • Eliminate expensive rental furnishings