Designing For Your Ideal Resident Persona

Our Process

Here at Model55, we design model apartments all over the country. One thing we’ve learned is that a one-size fits all approach never works. That’s why our designers use demographics to create personas, which influence their selections.

Check out how we create and use personas to create concepts that become beautifully appointed and targeted models.

Creating Personas for Your Resident

The first thing we do when creating a custom model for your persona is to gather as much information as we can about your community and the type of residents you want to attract. From there, we create a custom persona card that can be presented in your design plan upon request!

See A Project Come to Life

The best way to show you how the process of designing for resident personas works is to walk you through a project we’ve already done. After you’ve viewed this post, bee sure to take a tour of the finished apartment online!

Creating a Persona

Below is an example of the resident persona we created for the project featured below. To create custom resident personas, Model55’s designers pull from their years of collective experience creating stunning visual layouts for a range of demographics throughout the U.S.

Slide Resident Persona Your ideal resident persona is typically a couple between the ages of 28-36 with salaries ranging from $50 - $70K per year. They choose to live in the area Marlborough, Massachusetts for the suburban feel and easy access to popular highways. Your target residents are all about balancing their love for the outdoors with their enjoyment of local shops and entertainment. This resident has a day job, Monday - Friday. On nice weekends they enjoy taking their dogs for walks and to the dog park, as well as lounging by the pool. They are attracted to quality, and although they may love to travel and explore, they look to their hometown to fulfill their desires for enrichment. Stylistically, your ideal resident enjoys simplicity with pops of color and modern elements.

Creating a Vision

Once we create an ideal resident persona, we use that information to inform our design concept. To do this, we put together inspiration before beginning the design process.

Slide Hints of Gold Mix & Match Pops of Color Color Mid-century Modern Vision Session Inspiration

Pulling From The Vision

Once we have created the ideal resident persona and a corresponding vision, we put together a design plan that will truly capture the imagination of your ideal resident person.

Slide Living/ Dining Room Bedroom Furniture Selections


Slide Furniture Plan

Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide Slide

Have a Project In Mind?

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