Show Active Adult Lifestyles to Increase Census

Life expectancy is at a record high in the United States and is estimated to continue to grow with the increasing senior population. Adults are remaining active well after they turn 55 and are looking to retire in communities that enable them to continue their current active lifestyle, as well as adding new hobbies and activities to their lives.
Promoting an active adult community can be easier than you may think. Showcasing all of the activities residents can do shows your community culture as well as acting as a great selling point for potential residents.

Why will promoting an active adult lifestyle to families and community members increase my community’s census?
Model55 surveyed over 3,300 industry professionals and non-industry related individuals about their perception as buyers when it comes to selecting a 55+ community either for themselves or a loved one.
Of those surveyed that have been the decision makers and buyers in choosing a 55+ community for a loved one/relative, resident activity ranked number two as a top deciding factor – this ranked top above price/affordability.
84.2% of survey respondents’ said active lifestyle options were important or extremely important as a deciding factor when selecting a 55+ community for a loved one or relative
Why will promoting an active adult lifestyle increase my community’s census in the future?
77% of survey respondents’ believe active lifestyle options are a top deciding factor when selecting a 55+ community for themselves in the future.
How can I show the active adult culture within my community to potential and future residents?
Helping potential and future residents decide to call your community home all starts in your residency design. Designing common area rooms to showcase resident interests, such as gardening, shows the culture and the involvement and interactivity of the residents within the community. Setting up card tables and communal seating areas throughout your community show how residents like to interact and stay active in all aspects of life.
Outdoor Activities
Weather permitting, outdoor activities are ideal in active adult communities. Have spaces for golf, tennis and even gardening for residents to get outside and get moving. Having a weekly walking club encourages residents to meet new people and be active together as a community.
Schedule monthly events that encourage residents to leave the community and explore something new. A shopping trip or visit to a local museum or theater is a great way to have residents engage in the community and with one another while getting out and exploring new areas.
A calendar posted monthly with different kinds of classes and clubs is a great way to have residents move around and stay active both physically and mentally. Monthly or weekly book clubs, dance lessons, arts and crafts classes and yoga promote a non-sedentary lifestyle. Seeing these kinds of activities within your community will entice potential residents to learn more and want to move in!
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