Promote Active Adult Lifestyles Outdoors

With summertime upon us, now is the time to start promoting outdoor activities for residents and their visitors. Summertime is a great time to encourage residents to become active outdoors. Simple incorporations in your outdoor design can encourage current residents to engage within community activities, and show families and potential residents your community’s commitment to active adult lifestyles.
Seating Areas
Placing benches and sitting areas throughout your community’s outdoor spaces shows a community that has active residents that spend a good amount of time enjoying the outdoors.

Have a community garden that enables residents to work together on a project they enjoy while being outdoors. Gardening is a great, active workout that doubles as a social activity for current and future residents.

Post flyers in common areas and around your community for clubs that meet outdoors weekly. Walking, gardening and simply playing cards at an outdoor table are activities that encourage residents to get outdoors and get moving. These clubs also serve as a community activity potential residents and families can join in on to get a better idea of your community culture and active lifestyle offerings.

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