Your Recipe For The Perfect Model

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to barbecue. Get your grill ready – Model55 has your recipe for the perfect burger and model apartment!

The Buns of the Burger – Your Model Budget
Your model apartment budget – the buns of the burger – must be strong enough to
hold together all of your model necessities. A strong budget enables your community to effectively show its personality through design in a potential
resident’s first impression.
The Hamburger – Furniture
Furniture is the meat of your model! The furniture selected for your model apartment is what represents your entire community.
Pickles and Lettuce – Decorative Accents
Pickles and lettuce, or decorative accents, add a nice pop of color and addition of flavor to your burger and model apartment.
Condiments – Touches of Home
Like condiments, touches of home set apart an average burger from the
elite. Photographs, throw pillows, blankets and clothing hung up in the closets of your model apartment provide a homey touch that encourages potential residents and families to truly envision living in your community.
Cheese – Artwork
Your model apartment wouldn’t be the same without a few pieces of artwork. It’s what changes a burger to a cheeseburger, or an ordinary apartment to a model you’re proud to show future residents.
The Toothpick – MODEL55
We’re the toothpick that holds your burger, or model apartment, together. Our team is your support and expertise in providing you with turnkey design success.
Want more information? See our BBQ recipe infographichere!
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