Celebrate Earth Month at Your Community

Just because this week is dedicated to saving energy doesn’t mean you can’t plan these events any time of the year.
We’ve put together a quick list of activities to get your residents to come together as a community to go green and celebrate the environment.
Clean Up the Outdoors
Earth month is all about being green. Pick the nicest day of the week and encourage your community to participate in a community clean up. Provide everyone with gloves and bags to collect items on the grounds that were not disposed of properly. Being outdoors and working together as a community will put a smile on everyone’s face, as well as helping to clean up your community.
Plant a Community Garden
Set up a garden area outside and get it ready for planting. Provide residents with seeds and plants and get to work. Consider starting a ‘gardening club’ for residents that wish to continue gardening after Earth week and will be in charge of caring for the garden.
Feed the Birds
Host a crafting class to either make a birdhouse or a simpler bird feeder. Residents can either group together to make a large community birdhouse, or individually make small feeders from pinecones, birdseed and peanut butter.
Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products
Cleaning products are a top offender of the environment. To keep with the go-green theme, invite residents that are able to meet and make their own green cleaners. A simple combination of white vinegar and water will do the trick, and saves against harmful chemicals in store bought cleaning products. It’s cheap to make, too!
Book swap
Host a book swap in a common area at your community. Encourage residents to bring older books they are done reading and no longer want. Residents can trade books and share favorites while recycling.
Do you host Earth Day activities in your community? What do you do to celebrate with residents? Tell us onTwitterorFacebook!
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