Bring The Outdoors In

Spring is here, but that also means so are plenty of rain showers. When residents can’t make it outside everyday due to poor weather conditions, your community can help bring the outdoors in. Common spaces are a great place to incorporate residents’ favorite outdoor hobbies on the inside.
Incorporate Interests
Find a common outdoor interest between your residents. Perhaps it’s playing card games on the patio, walking, yard games or gardening. Choosing a central theme to start helps determine what activities you can feature throughout your accent décor and design.
Add Accents
Accent designs are a great way to subtly incorporate outdoor interests. For example, if gardening seems to be a common hobby, small watering cans and succulents placed near a window in a common space are smaller details that residents can relate to.
Add Color
Outside is naturally brighter than your indoor common areas. Incorporate bright colors in pillows, shelving and accent décor.

Design for Everyone
Just because you pick one central interest to design off of, you can create another small nook or seating area focusing on other aspects of the community interests. In our garden room refresh design, we created a small seating nook with travel books, maps and accents to attract all interests. This is not only for residents, but also for community visitors and potential future residents.
See the full project here.
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