4 Ways to Increase Your Move-In Sales

The senior housing market is continuing to grow and evolve. Model55 knows senior living communities allude elegance, style and class through their living spaces while still offering the “welcome home” appeal.


Having a team of qualified interior designers to properly decorate your model apartments helps add the feelings of relaxation and comfort in potential residents and families viewing your property. We’ve listed four ways you can automatically increase your sales within your community by altering the design of your model apartments.

Add Style

Modish design and accessories to compliment your community’s building features attract residents and makes your community stand out from the rest. Residents are looking for a familiar, comfortable place to live, so shouldn’t your spaces reflect that? By adding new accessories, artwork and lighting, simple style updates can transform a space.

Add Sustainability

An ongoing trend within the senior housing industry is sustainability for those who wish to continue living a green lifestyle after they’ve retired. Model apartment décor is a great option to showcase your community’s sustainability efforts while saving costs. Faux plants and eco-friendly paint color options are simple, affordable ways to show potential residents your commitment to their green values, while saving money in areas such as having to continually buy new décor.

Add Functionality

Functionality, especially in smaller spaces, is crucial in senior housing communities. Your model apartments should help potential residents envision how to make the most out of your space offerings. For example, studio apartment models should showcase the option for a small dining room table setup or a few lounge chairs to entertain guests.

Prove There’s No Place Like Home

The number one way to generate that “welcome home” appeal in your model apartments is to do just that – show a welcoming space. Colors, artwork and proper lighting are great place to start. Our team suggests placing reading glasses with a book on the nightstand, coffee cups on the counter and towels and bathrobes ready by the shower. These tactics help potential residents envision living in that exact space. Show your residents your community is home before they even have to question it.


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