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Last week I was looking back at our posts from 2019 – and I stumbled upon this gem:  19 New Year’s Resolutions for Our Company in 2019. After re-reading our team’s collective resolutions, I was really happy that we had accomplished so many of them! Sometimes just putting your goals in writing is enough to spark actionable inspiration.

So, I thought it would be fun to ask the company if they have any new resolutions for the year ahead- we had a lot!  Here are our top 20 for 2020:

#1. Help More Clients With Short-term Rentals

Co-living and short-term rentals are growing rapidly. As younger generations carve out new ways to live and work, the demand for pre-furnished apartments is on the rise! Luckily for our new and existing clients alike, that is exactly what we do! In the coming year, Model55 hopes to expand on our our design and furnishing solutions for short-term rentals!

#2. Improve Continuously

“I want to engage in opportunities to improve more actively. Whether it is taking part in training sessions, forums, or conferences, or taking online classes, I’m excited to challenge myself and learn something new.”

#3. Improve Personal Branding

In today’s fast-paced workforce, personal branding is more important than ever. I have learned more about this concept in the past few months and am amazed at how little attention it is given! For me, improving my personal brand in 2020 will be all about visibility. My resolution is to share more about what I do day-in and day-out to help Model55’s brand awareness and other marketing goals!

#4. Stay Focused All Year

This one seems like a real doozy, but upon further research, I learned that it’s really all about setting oneself up for success (and making a habit out of it). If you struggle with focus, or lose steam on an annual basis, try adopting new and healthy habits in the year ahead (like journaling!) The consistency of healthy habits, including planning and preparation, go a long way in making your focus sharp and full of the endurance you will need to get through 2020!

#5. Take More PTO

This is a great resolution to help with our #4 resolution of staying focused all year! Taking more time for self care, travel, family or whatever you love is so important. This is a great resolution for 2020.

#6. Find a Hobby I Actually Enjoy

As I was looking through all of the resolutions the team shared, I thought this one was a must-have on our list. It’s so important to remember that we are inherently designed to create. So, whether it be needle work, photography, poetry, hiking, book club or whatever – getting into a hobby that helps you channel your creativity, is such an important goal for 2020.

#7. Exercise During the Day

“Heading out for a brisk 20-minute walk on my lunch, or waking up early to go for a run!”

#8. Prioritize Education for My Team

A great thing about working at Model55 is the weight our managers put into education. So, whether it be learning how to use the tools of the trade better or new techniques for our given fields, education will be top-of-mind in 2020.

#9. Get a Plant (and Keep it Alive)

“I’ve never had a green thumb, but I’d love to bring a bit of warmth and life into the office.”

#10. Listen Actively

“Studies show that we retain only 25-50% of what is said to us. To me, this not only feels ineffective, but also insincere. I’d like to improve this skill and work on actively listening to our clients in order to more fully understand their needs in order to craft an effective solution, and with my colleagues, so that I may learn from their experience. Overall, I believe this will be a great tool to improve human connection and building positive relationships.”

#11. Journal More

Recently, one Model55 team member learned a lot about the benefits of journaling. Did you know that in addition to improving cognition and bolstering creativity, journaling is also a great antidote to anxiety and depression? As I was writing this blurb I went down a Google-search rabbit hole about journaling and found so many great ideas and benefits! If you’re looking for some great ideas on how/ what to journal, check out this article on DevelopGoodHabbits.com, which features 59 journaling ideas to consider for the year ahead!

#12. Don’t Take Everything So Personally

This resolution is perfect for a well-balanced home and work life! Everyone is in their own world, and it’s important to remember that throughout each and every day.

#13. Create a Zen Space For Work at Home

“I love the convenience of working from home and I am so grateful that Model55 works with us to ensure work/life balance! However, I some times feel that the trade off of home vs. the office is less structure to my day. So, this year I am committed to finding a space in my home that I can convert into an office. On days I work from home I will treat it like my cubical, creating the environment I need to power through my busy work days.”

#14. Simplify and Streamline

We are continuously improving how we operate for our clients. In the year ahead, we resolve to streamline and simplify parts of the process where and whenever we can.

#15. Be More Grateful

“I’d like to be more mindful of my surroundings and the people I interact with on a daily basis. Sometimes when I stop to take stock of everything I have to be grateful for, I am left feeling truly joyful. This year, I resolve to stop and take stock more often. Hopefully it will be a daily practice in my life.”

#16. Fill My Ears With Something Positive = Less True Crime Podcasts

Does your workplace have a favorite podcast? Here at Model55, we love the Crime Junkie podcast- some of us even went to see them in Boston earlier this year.  However, any fan of true crime podcasts or true crime anything will tell you that sometimes it can get to be a bit much. That’s why I love this resolution. To the Model55 team member who sent me this one, let me know what you find!

#17. See Something I’ve Never Seen Before

“I love exploring locally and abroad. In 2020 I want to see something I’ve never seen before some place where I’ve never traveled to!”

#18. Strengthen Relationships With Our Clients

We are so grateful for our clients continued partnerships. That’s why we every year we resolve to do everything we can to ensure their success.

#19. Learn More About My Camera

“I would love to use my camera to take beautiful photos of our warehouse and facility. This will enable me to share more from Model55 on our social channels!”

#20. Grow My 401K

“Model55 offers us a lot of great employee benefits. One that I definitely want to take advantage of this year is growing my 401K through our new incentive plan!”

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