Recap: Designed For Living Tour in Boston

Touring Luxury Apartments in Boston

Recently Model55 got a chance to attend an event hosted byIFDA New Englandand Venegas & Company in Boston. We saw two newly built/ renovated Boston buildings, which are now luxury apartments, as well as had the opportunity to view a walk through of the amazing plans put in place for the renovation of one of the city’s most iconic historical churches. The tour was great, and the ladies at Venegas & Company were such wonderful hosts, we left feeling happy with our decision to attend. If you missed the tour but think it sounds like something you would find interesting, keep reading! Below we have highlighted some of our favorite things from the properties we viewed – let us know what you think!

One Canal St.

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The first stop of the tour was a newly built, ground-up project located at (you guessed it), One Canal St. The One Canal Apartment Homes are perfectly placed in Boston’s historic district. The high-rise apartment building boasts great views and is literally within walking distance to some of Boston’s best spots. From Government Center to the North End, the residents of this building will have no problems finding their ways into the city’s

most coveted areas on foot.
Design wise, the building was beautiful and cohesive. We loved the story told on the beautiful glass mural in the entrance, which paid homage to the history of the Middlesex Canal.

If you want to see this building,click hereto check out their website!

The Lucas

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The next stop on our tour was actually to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage on Newbury Street. Although we did not have an onsite tour of the luxury this apartment location, we were actually able to experience the planning and renderings first hand through the project’s exclusive marketer, Ricardo Rodriguez.

The Lucas is located in Boston’s beautiful South End, on 136 Shawmut Ave. The apartment building is being created from the original church, which stands unused to this day. There are several things that are great about the building, including its rich history and the architect and interior designer’s commitment to maintaining it.

For pictures and renderings, be sure to!

The Jordan Lofts

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The last stop of our tour was conveniently located in the same building as our host’s business. First we were able to tour the residential side of the building, viewing several loft apartment layouts, and then we popped in next door for great food, drinks, and networking.

Touring the residential side of the Jordan Lofts was our favorite stop on the tour. Designed by the Holland Companies, The Jordan Lofts are beautiful, open, airy, and offer great views of the city’s skyline. Located in the South End (a stone’s throw from The Lucas), the Jordan Lofts tell a great story of this building’s history.

Built in the early 1900’s, the original structure of the Jordan Lofts hosted the transportation department for one of the country’s most innovative retailers (Jordan Marsh and Company, now Macy’s. One aspect worth noting about this story is that at the time, Jordan Marsh’s primary mode of transportation was by horse. Essentially, what is now a beautiful building with both residential and commercial space was once where Macy’s kept their horses.

To read more about the history of the Jordan Lofts, and for great pictures,check them out here!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we had a great time at IFDA’s latest event, Designed for Living Tour, hosted byVenegas and Company. We hope you enjoy the pictures, and feel free to message us if you have any questions – Thanks for reading!

Amanda Beausoleil

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