Why Buying Furniture Is Better Than Renting

As a  for-purchase design and furniture provider to senior housing and multifamily organizations, we frequently encounter the question, why is buying better than renting? So, in today’s blog I am going to give our collective top 3 answers for why buying furniture is better than renting furniture. For anyone in the professionally managed multifamily, senior living, or vacation rental industries – take note.

#1 – Styles Are Not Updated Frequently

Often times pre-furnished apartments are stocked with rental furniture. Here at Model55, we’ve seen and heard the pain of operators who are tired of outdated options. With a for-purchase program, apartment designers have a range of selections (depending on their vendors). Model55 works with residential furniture vendors who update collections seasonally. Additionally, we travel to High Point Furniture Market twice a year to ensure our stocking collections and accessories are current.

There are several reasons why rental furniture is not updated as frequently as for-purchase program catalogs. The most notable being that furniture that is rented typically stays in any given location for a year or more. So, when it is put back into inventory, it is already outdated by industry standards.

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#2 Limited Choices

With rental furniture, you are limited to the styles they have. This is because the nature of a rental furniture program is that it has to be flexible. Providers who offer rentals don’t have the luxury of custom designs. Therefore, items selected are typically more neutral than designs you might see on Pinterest or in design magazines.

However, for-purchase programs that provide residential furniture update their stocking inventory seasonally as well as annually. Additionally, many residential vendors offer quick-ship options so that completely custom projects can be done in the same timeframe as those with product selected from stock.

As mentioned above, Model55 travels to High Point Furniture market twice a year to scope out the latest and greatest trends from our favorite vendors.

#3 If It Gets Damaged You Have to Buy It Anyways

Finally, rental furniture is a risky investment. Not only can you not include it in the capital expenditure bucket of your budget, but you are also at the mercy of your guests and tenants not to damage the furniture. Knowing you have to buy the product anyways makes the up-front cost of purchasing seem smaller in the long run.

Is A For-Purchase Design and Furniture Program Right for You?

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