Sweater Weather and the Month of Giving – Happy November!

Sweater Weather and the Month of Giving

As temperatures drop and the hours of daylight shrink every day, November gives us our first taste of winter. This month doesn’t have to be all about cold though; it’s also a great month to break out your favorite sweaters, host small get-togethers, and to start donating to local charities.

Mini Events

If you’re a property manager, chances are you host at least one big event towards the end of the year. From ugly sweater parties to holiday buffets, there is no shortage of ideas. In between now and then is a great time to host a few “Mini Events.” Here are three to get you started!

1. Hot Chocolate Bar

This is one of the easiest events to put together and appeals to everyone who has a sweet tooth! What you’ll need: a coffee urn, lots of hot chocolate, to-go cups, and sweet toppings for people to choose from. You can get as creative as you want with the display and it’s an instant crowd pleaser.

2. Smore’s Indoors

This does require open flames or another kind of heat source, but who doesn’t love a little taste of a summer campfire in the middle of fall? What you’ll need: heat fuel cans or a smore’s maker, roasting sticks, and you’re typical smore’s ingredients. This is a great display to have available as people are coming home from work or school for the day.

3. Chili Bar

You may have to cater chili for this one, but it’s another easy crowd pleaser! What you’ll need: chili, toppings, spoons and to-go cups. This is another great one to set up for people coming in out of the cold on their way home from work. It’s quick to grab and typically isn’t heavy enough to spoil anyone’s dinner.

All three of these mini events can be grab-and-go style and set up in your lobby or leasing office. For all three of these ideas you just need a table and tablecloth for setting up your supplies. Don’t forget to put a personal spin on it!

Give a Little – Give a Lot

November is a great time to engage both your team and your residents to get into the spirit of giving. By hosting one or even several charitable drives from now through the end of the year at your property, it’s easy for residents to get involved since they won’t have to travel anywhere to donate.

Rather than just setting up boxes in the lobby for donation items, be sure to send out plenty of notices so residents know where and when to donate. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started!

1. Any Local Food Drives

You can find the closest food pantry to your property by doing a quick Google search. Once you’ve found the pantry you want to donate to, you can also give them a call to see what items they may be most in need of. Be sure to communicate this to your residents and welcome any additional items.

2. Toys for Tots

As a property manager, you may already do this event on a yearly basis and may also have a box dropped off from your company or local organizers. If you don’t, it’s easy to make one yourself or contact toysfortots.org to see if they’ll drop one off to you. Check which age groups are most in demand for your area and let your residents know. Just make sure you know the deadline for your area and where to drop off the gifts!

3. Make-A-Wish Letters for Macy’s

Every year, Macy’s donates $1 for each wish letter to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Not only is this an easy way to give back, but it’s also a fun excuse to engage residents. Set up a cardboard “mailbox” in your leasing office along with a writing station and envelopes. You can get creative with this one! Toward the beginning or middle of December, drop them off at a local participating Macy’s location.

Have a Happy November!

Remember – these are only a few of the MANY ideas you can use to bring some warmth to your community as we transition from fall to winter. Whether it’s through hot food or giving to others, you can help your team and your residents feel a little brighter this November.

We want to know your thoughts and ideas on how to kick off this holiday season in your community. Leave a comment below!

Lauren Ebstein

Lauren Ebstein is Model55's Multifamily Sales Coordinator. With a background in property management, Lauren is passionate about how leasing teams work together and build relationships with their residents.

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