SWAG Ideas for your Next Trade Show

As many of our readers probably know, last month was The National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize trade show conference in Denver, CO. There was no shortage of educational sessions and networking opportunities, and the trade show floor was packed with thousands of players in the multifamily industry – from vendors, to property managers, to development teams, to asset owners and more.

Although there are hundreds of vendors that set up shop for the exhibition (Model55 included!) there is one common denominator: SWAG. This goes for any trade show in most industries – there will be some sort of freebie waiting for you when you visit a booth. SWAG, or Stuff We All Get, serves as an incentive for potential clients to stop at your booth.

Since I received the 20 in their Twenties Scholarship, I was able to see the conference as both a vendor and an attendee. As I dumped out everything I gathered from various booths, I quickly came to a realization that was not all that surprising: what on earth will I do with all of this and how can we – as vendors – make the experience more memorable?

There were a few items that I genuinely enjoyed or that put a smile on my face, and some of those will be listed here. Take a look at these nine items to represent your company at the next big trade show.




Luggage Tag. This was one of my favorites. I personally have never gone out of my way to purchase a luggage tag; I always use the free ones at the airport and I’m assuming I can’t be alone (maybe I am, but I absolutely LOVED this).

Toiletry Bag. If I had spotted a reusable toiletry case (because I can never seem to have enough of these), I would have run over to that booth and also told everyone else about it.

Sleep Mask. I use these on a daily basis and don’t fall asleep easily so I’m a bit biased, but these are great to have on the plane and an awesome item to keep in your carry-on for future long trips.



Socks. Another one of my favorites – a pair of tall socks. As a Northeast native with a very long cold season, I can never have too many of these.

Metal Campfire Mug. With way too many water bottles available, choose an interesting cup instead. When people saw this campfire mug, they asked my group where to get them. What’s better than that when trying to stand out?

An Adult Coloring Book. A stress-relieving activity that you can bring back to your hotel room after all of your meetings and education sessions or back to your office when the conference is over. A great alternative to this would be some kind of fidget toy for those of you who like to keep your hands busy when you’re focusing on a call.



Fanny Pack. I still think these are in the process of making a comeback! Whether you’re walking your dog, going on a short hike, or just want to be hands free during a summer activity – fanny packs are seriously helpful!

Microfiber Towel. Another great item for summer activities that would actually see some use. These are great for outdoor activities or year-round work outs to keep you cool and dry.

Sunglasses & Glasses Cloth. These are great year-round but are especially great to have for all the sunny days that summer brings.



What’s your favorite piece of SWAG you’ve ever received or given at a trade show? Drop it in the comment section below!

Lauren Ebstein

Lauren Ebstein is Model55's Multifamily Sales Coordinator. With a background in property management, Lauren is passionate about how leasing teams work together and build relationships with their residents.

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