Model Apartment Designs from Sea to Shining Sea

Model Apartment Designs from Sea to Shining Sea

In honor of our nation’s birthday, we have decided to dedicate this blog to American inspired home and model apartment designs. Over the past 242, the United States has provided an unimaginably long list of epic design inspirations that are worth a definite note. However, today we are going to focus on 3 truly inspiring American styles.

#1. East Coast Coastal

Like our American ancestors, we are going to start on the East Coast. Our Atlantic shores have inspired much more than beautiful architecture, art, and cultural references. In fact, from Maine to the Carolinas and down to Florida, America’s eastern seaboard offers great inspiration for home model apartments designs alike.

  • East Coast Model Apartment Designs
  • Inspiring East Coast Colors
  • Classic Maritime
  • Blues and Whites

Cozy and Coordinated Model Apartment Designs

East Coast coastal designs are known for being more traditional than West Coast coastal. More often than not, you will find references to sailing and other nods at the nautical. Additionally, blue and white stripes are almost always used to signify the East Coast design style. So, whether on an area rug or a throw pillow, if you spot this motif in any designs, you can be certain that the East Coast coastal style was included in the inspiration.

Geometric Structure

You can also look for other clear give-aways in addition to nautical inspired accents and blue and white stripes. East Coast coastal is more or less a transitional style. This means that familiar shapes and patterns are used more frequently. You will also find traditional floral patterns, indicative of the traditional New England style we incorporate with the days of America’s newly independent colonies.

#2. West Coast Coastal

Like so many aspects of the east and west, the West Coast coastal design style has vast differences. For example, where the decor found in East Coast design elements focus on the concrete aspects of nautical life (think boats and anchors), West Coast coastal designs focus on the feelings and natural elements of being at the beach (think waves and wind).

  • Pacific Breeze
  • West Coast Dreamin'
  • Inspired by a Beach Feeling
  • Laid Back Style

Designing with Elemental Inspiration

One thing we love about West Coast designs are how they capture the feelings and essence of the natural landscapes that inspire them. For example, you are more likely to see bright pops of blues and greens. Likewise, West Coast coastal designs incorporate free form patterns throughout. This means organic textiles and patterns inspired from nature.

West Coast Modern Model Home and Apartment Designs

If you are looking for ideas about model apartment designs with modern vibes, the West Coast coastal style is a great way to go. Unlike it’s eastern counterpart, West Coast design is rooted in modern and contemporary styles. This provides a great sense of youthful lightheartedness to West Coast inspired homes and model apartments. Designs featuring modern accents and finishes also tend towards minimalism, which makes the spaces appear more open and breezy.

#3. Americana: Everything Between

Now, if you still haven’t found an American inspired design that speaks to you here, you might be interested in our final featured design style: Americana.

  • Modern Americana
  • The Heart of Americana
  • Deconstructed Furniture
  • Faded Flag

Defining American Designs and Design Ideas

Americana design is anything that has to do with American history, folklore, or culture. So, we typically see Americana elements in country style homes and apartments. Layered with classic elements from nature and days since past, Americana is a great nod to not only America, but also to the beginning of interior design in the United States.

What do model apartment designs need to accomplish an Americana look?

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Americana design is the faded, antique flag. Denim colored blues and vintage reds are great base colors for any space decorated in the Americana fashion. Additionally, these colors look great with folky art and vintage signs.


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