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As a design firm, we are inspired by creating beautiful spaces that make the ultimate first impression of home. So, I thought it would be fun to ask our team to share what elements in their homes bring them joy. Read on to see our personal design styles.  

Enjoy, Sue 

Emily Dennison, General Manager & VP of Interior Design

My favorite design element in my home is my accent wallpaper in our Master Bedroom. It is also my favorite room in our fixer upper house because it is fully complete and is my sunny oasis. The wallpaper is an emerald green block print with touches of navy and blush which are all some of my favorite colors. The block print style is one I have always loved growing up in a family of artists and printmakers. This wallpaper instantly spoke to me and I love how it turned out. 

Caroline Ostreicher, Manager of Interior Design

My favorite design element in my home is a combination of walls in my back entryway. The space features a gallery wall  collection next to an accent wall of wallpaper. I feel that they complement and play off each other as unified design element. The vintage inspired wallpaper is a dramatic dark espresso tone with delicate gold leaf, line drawn honeybees in a circular motif – it can be described as an “inspired artful interpretation of the honeycomb.”  I love the warmth, pattern and contrast of the wallpaper against the almost white walls filled with an eclectic array of art and furniture that was collected over time. 

Jaclyn Lowe, Buyer

My new favorite design element in my home is the accent wallpaper in our nursery. The wallpaper is a vintage nautical sailboat blueprint.  The wallpaper has a linen textured element to it that I absolutely love, and the blue background is very calming.  We chose a darker wood tone for a crib that works well with the lighter colors of the wallpaper.  We really enjoy spending time at the beach, and I love that this wallpaper adds a nautical element we can enjoy all year round.   

Palmer Zona, Project Facilitator

My favorite space in my home is my front room, where I keep the bulk of my house plant collection and some of my most treasured pieces. I love this part of the house because it is full of life,  natural light, and color. I have a little blue accent chest where I keep some of my prettiest books, and two framed vintage-style posters hung on the same wall. I also love coming to this space because I keep a white board hung on the wall next to the posters. While it may not be the most sophisticated design element of my home, I love using it help me practice my American Sign Language vocabulary, and it also makes me smile when my guests use the multi-colored markers to make me a drawing or write something funny. It’s just another feature that makes this room feel very fun and personal.  

Amanda Beausoleil, Marketing Strategist

My favorite design element in my home is my garden window. I love the concept of bringing the outside in, and this window gives me a perfect chance to do it! The window is in the entrance way, so I look at it every time I come home. I especially love finding cute planters to mix and match. Recently we painted the walls in the room Rainforest Green (pictured), which really took my love for bringing the outdoors in to another level. I love how the dark green contrasts so drastically with the white trim and light finishes.  

Sharon MacDonald, CEO  

My favorite place at home is my porch swing. I love this space because it is a place that I can recharge my batteries or facetime my parents. It’s also a place free of distractions that allows me to be with nature, no matter what the weather! Most of all I love this swing because I get to share it with family and guests. We love to just sip some coffee or have wine while the settling into the Cape Cod experience. No matter what the occasion, this swing is always the top choice and the perfect location. 

Thanks for Reading!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our teams’ personal design styles. I wanted to leave you with the favorite space in my home. If you’re feeling inspired, please share your favorite design elements with me in the comments below!

Susan Durfee, VP Sales & Marketing 

My favorite space in our home is our three-season porch.  It is the perfect place for a cup of coffee in the morning, a cocktail when we get home from the beach or a comfy sofa for afternoon naps!  When we open both sliding doors and turn on the ceiling fan it creates the perfect cross breeze and when it gets chilly, we have a basket loaded with blankets to wrap up in.  With the latest addition of a wall-mounted TV, we now spend Sundays on the porch watching football – it’s a great way to spend an afternoon! 

Check out our portfolio to see if you can find influences from our personal styles!
Susan Durfee
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