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Our Designers’ Inspirations

As professional designers of model apartments, we are used to designing for a range of demographics. A lot of times that means our designers put their personal design preferences aside to ensure that the final outcome speaks directly to a certain target demographic. So, we thought it might be fun and helpful for clients looking to expand on their personal styles, if we put together a list of our personal design edits. Enjoy!


“I am super eclectic and love color, mixing styles and shapes with small bits of consistency to tie everything together. I like my house to feel lived in and cozy.”

Collected Over Time

“In my personal style I love and appreciate spaces that have a feel of being collected over time with an unassuming approach. Incorporating elements of an artistic, lived in atmosphere are important to me. I also love a warm, cozy and eclectic space with a blend of rich textures and patters that are balanced with a contrast of a light fresh and open space.”

Mix & Match Patterns

“Incorporating different patterns inspires me. It adds personality and dimension to a space. Its a great foundation to build a design concept.”

Bold Statements

“Bold wallpaper inspires me!”

Mid Century Modern

“I am a sucker for mid century modern with an eclectic twist. Slightly uptight but never boring (and always comfortable), lots of textures and layers but NEVER cluttered. I love mixing black and white pattern with colors. I especially like this style against high ceilings, big windows and great lighting.”

Clean Space

“When it came to designing my home by the beach I craved white clean space. It’s so light and Airy and uncluttered. Because the home is antique I chose traditional elements with a modern twist like the farmhouse table with hammer stainless top paired with textured upside down table lamp as chandelier.”




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